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Substance Integrations - Houdini - Re: few basic questions
 on: August 07, 2016, 06:53:20 am 
The python should be super simple... drop a python SOP in your network and add the following line:


Substance Integrations - Houdini - Re: few basic questions
 on: August 05, 2016, 12:37:35 am 
2 - how can I access the individual channel outputs of the substance? For example, I need to use the displacement map output of the substance in a attribute vop to drive some calculations, or spawn some particles from the white area. What would be the workflow to access any output of the substance?

you can actually accomplish this in a sop network (with cooking)  by using a python SOP to force the substance material to write the textures to disk, then have your attribute VOP read them in via a texture VOP.   Having a COP node would indeed be great as it would open more uses for the substance plug in Such as being able to directly access the COP data into any context.  At that point, you could be using substances to make audio if you wanted to :)  But this workaround should get you working in the meantime

Awesome!  I just tested this and expressions are working!   This is brilliant!

The only issue I found so far is that, currently, regular sliders do not seem to refresh until you move the camera (ones which are not hooked to an expression).  Ones hooked to an expression are refreshing beautifully (perhaps the GL cache is not being cleared once the slider is moved manually?)

Will continue to test some of the new stuff :)   do you want us to provide feedback now or hold off till a more official announcement of the update?

Substance Integrations - Houdini - Re: COP node ?
 on: May 22, 2016, 12:51:37 am 
Man that would be fantastic, especially being able to output the substance passes to image planes.  That would be a nice way to be able to export all the substance passes to a single multiplane exr

sounds good Josh, looking forward to the update!

Hey Josh, I was wondering if there was an update on the plug in with the fix on expressions?  I am hoping to be able to use it on a production tool this summer, so wanted to check on the status of this

thank you!

Hey Josh!  thank you for looking into this!  I just emailed this your way.   Let me know if you need anything else

Hey guys, I gotta say, first impression is that this is running quite nicely!   I tested multiple material assignments via material sops and groups, switching substances, mantra rendering, drag and dropping materials, etc. and everything seems to be working very well!  congrats!

The only thing that I noticed that seemed to be missing is expression evaluation.  Currently if I try to drive a parameter via an expression as in the example screenshot below, the substance shader does not refresh the value as I change the parameter on the other node (it only seems to refresh when the user changes the expression and presses enter to commit it).   Is this something you are looking to address in the short term?

(also, is the forum the best way to post bugs/recommendations?)

thank you for your work on this!   it is very exciting to see these two applications working together!

Wow!  that was a nice surprise!  did not realize it had already been updated!  thank you!

Confirmed working with 15.0.424. I love how responsive it is!  thank you guys!  Will be posting notes as I run into things while testing :)

Yes!!!! this is awesome news guys!  This is going to help a lot integrating houdini and substance tighter on our procedural toolset!  Thank you!

I think this would be brilliant, and glsl/hlsl would be a good fit for pixel based expression language.  Do you have a post on user voice to vote?

BTW I noticed that in the broken one, my color layers do not have alpha, but on another example where PSD export works, we do have the alpha channel

I am not sure how we lost that alpha channel but is there a way to get it back without having to recreate the layers?

thank you

Hey guys, has anyone gotten a "PSD document generation failed" error when exporting a PSD?   everything seems fine on the substance itself

Perhaps this should be prefaced with another question/request:

what is the impact of making the whole grayscale vs color "invisible" to the user?  the idea would be that data going from node to node is simply treated as channel streams, and operations simply act accordingly on each channel (i.e. a grayscale operator would just operate on all 4 channels individually as if they were 4 greyscale inputs) From there, users can swizzle channels as needed

That would also reduce your number of nodes roughly by half ;) and make things such as doing node toggling easier.  Also would eliminate a lot of those inbetween grayscale conversion nodes..

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