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Hey guys, I gotta say, first impression is that this is running quite nicely!   I tested multiple material assignments via material sops and groups, switching substances, mantra rendering, drag and dropping materials, etc. and everything seems to be working very well!  congrats!

The only thing that I noticed that seemed to be missing is expression evaluation.  Currently if I try to drive a parameter via an expression as in the example screenshot below, the substance shader does not refresh the value as I change the parameter on the other node (it only seems to refresh when the user changes the expression and presses enter to commit it).   Is this something you are looking to address in the short term?

(also, is the forum the best way to post bugs/recommendations?)

thank you for your work on this!   it is very exciting to see these two applications working together!

Hey guys, has anyone gotten a "PSD document generation failed" error when exporting a PSD?   everything seems fine on the substance itself

Hey guys, it would be very useful if we had the option to pack the outputs (diffuse, specular, etc) as image planes on an exr instead of separate files.   Currently, if a user chooses exr as the file output, it just treats it as any other format (i.e. tga).  EXRs support multiple image planes, often used in compositing, but also a great way to "pack" multiple shader textures into a single texture

thank you!

Hey guys!  is there a way to export all the outputs (i.e. diffuse, specular, etc) in a single exr as separate image planes?   I am trying to convert a bunch of PSDs into exr files and I have the layers I want to pack in substance as resources

thank you!

Hey guys, how do I go about changing the file that a linked resource references?   

i.e. I have a node in my graph which references file A, and I want to make that very same node now reference file B

thank you!

Hey guys, what is the best way to do reflection masking on the PBR Metallic/Roughness material?  What I want to be able to achieve, for example, is the contrast from cloth VS plastic without taking in account metallic (imagine a cotton green tshirt with a plastic stitched logo)

having a high roughness with no metallic simply results on a "milky" look.    I can increase the metallic to contrast this, but it seems a bit odd as a cotton tshirt would be a dielectric? (doing this also causes a black tshirt to not have any spec, vs a green tshirt to have some)


Could we support SVG vector files as inputs similar to the color and grayscale inputs?  this is key to extend our fully parametric workflows to take advantage of vector art

thank you!

Hi guys, I hope this is not too much of a rookie question (and yes, I will watch the tutorials :) ) but I cannot seem to figure out how to expose file inputs on my substances so that a user can change them from the player.  For any other parameter, I click on the parameter and choose "expose" to move that parameter to the top level

thank you1

hey guys, I have been having a bit of a difficulty running substance via remote desktop (my 3d and 2d viewers, as well as the network view simply do not work).  Any recommendations on how to make this work?  (I tried switching engines to no avail :( )

thank you!

Hi!  Kudos for a great program :)  Would love to see an integration of Substance in Houdini as either a Composite node, or a VEX node.  At my studio we are pursuing a lot of procedural content creation, and would love to see a tighter integration of substances with Houdini digital assets!

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