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Due to a change of circumstances, I am not going to be able to continue my subscription to source. When I look at the cancellation it does say I am eligible to buy the $49 perpetual license for the whole suite. However, with Alchemist still being in beta, I am wondering if that is included or not in the deal. As I already own a perpetual copy of Painter, it's not worth it if I only get designer, which I hardly ever use.

Can someone clarify please?

My account is still showing Zero points on my subs even though I payment has been taken from my account for this month.

I've downloaded several sbsar files from source, but the following 3 fail to import into Substance painter:

[Plugin - resources-updater] No project open, resources updater discarded

[SubstanceResource] Failed to load substance: XML decompression.

[SubstanceResource] Failed to load substance: XML decompression.

[SubstanceResource] Failed to load substance: XML decompression.

[Resource Import] "X:/Substance_Resources/Source_DLoads/linen_upholstery_fabric.sbsar" cannot be imported as 'basematerial'.
[Resource Import] "X:/Substance_Resources/Source_DLoads/polyester_heather_stripe_fleece.sbsar" cannot be imported as 'basematerial'.
[Resource Import] "X:/Substance_Resources/Source_DLoads/polyester_stretch_interlock_back.sbsar" cannot be imported as 'basematerial'.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Find Variable usage
 on: October 26, 2018, 06:19:52 pm 
Excuse me if there's an obvious answer to this.
If I have a graph input parameter variable which is tied to several node actions within the graph, is there any way I can find a list of all those items tied to it?
So say, it is linked to a couple of opacity values in blends and slider positions on other nodes, apart from manually going through each and every node, clicking and showing if the exposed value is indeed ties to that value, is there a more "friendly" way of finding that information out?

I have been trying to utilise the Hull Damage Smart Material, but it seems all the referenced materials it uses, (clouds 1, Clouds 3, micro hull), are not part of the 2018.1.3 version of SP?  If I paint in the layer "paintable mask", it does not get the effect shown in the anchor layers video, but rather remains as a sort of burned smoke effect.  Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a known issue?

I have just purchased Substance Painter 2018.1.3 on a full indie license perpetual. When I try to access source files, it says I have no downloads. In order to get access to assets, do I have to purchase a monthly subscription on top of paying for the full package? I would of presumed you would get access to assets on purchase of a full product.

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