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Ok folks.  A bit overdue for this.  What's the eta on this?


The published plugin for Houdini 17.5 doesn't work. 

It's June now.  What's the ETA for this to be fixed?

Hi guys,

I just installed Designer and noticed that whenever I try to open an SBAR file that I cannot display the graph or see any results in the 3D view.  I've tried about a dozen files from Substance Source and nothing works.  I'm guessing there's something really obvious I'm missing.

I do see the SBAR loaded in the Explorer but when I double click on the network child nothing opens up.

Help appreciated.

Win 10 Pro 64 Bit - 64Gig Ram - i7 4.# ghz

p.s.  Found this in the error log despite that a valid license is reported in the Help -Manage Licenses window. Not sure if that is related.

"[WRN][1957][News]Dictionary variable 'license[softwareVersion]' not found"


Disregard most of this....I think.  I realized that I needed to open SBS files for the most part but the odd thing is that some SBAR files opened just fine so I don't know if there's still an issue in general.  It's been a while since I've looked at Substance so forgive any obvious oversight on my part.

I'm getting tiling of a bitmap input despite having tiling set to absolute and no tiling throughout entire chain.  Bug or user idiot?

It should work fine now with the latest drivers.

Not with this version:

Substance Painter, version 1.5.7
Build 866 - ad71831c2ac99570eb04854915ea71065184dddb

Both Painter and Designer crash routinely on the nVidia version 355.98 GTX 780 driver.

Thanks for the quick reply.  I hope this is something that can improve soon.

I did find the known issue about Painter and Designer crashing with the last two nVidia drivers.  Although I am tempted to revert back to 3.50.x as the post suggested, I think this might be a bad idea for other applications and devices on my Win10 workstation since many bugs have been addressed across the board.  I think it's best to wait for you guys to deliver an update for Substance that is compatible.  Hopefully that will be soon as well. 

This looks a lot like a gamma issue.  I don't see where that is set in the export settings though.  This might be something that is going on under the hood.  I guess we'll wait and see what the response is.

New user here.

I have been using Painter and Designer for a couple days now.  I noticed that my height maps are awfully jagged even when I bump up the texture resolution to 2k.  I have tried 4k but the programs crash every time I try to do that.  Can anyone advise on how to get clean smooth height displacement?  I know there's the "blur" trick but that kinda looks like crap to be honest.  Looking for a better quality result.

Thanks for your help!

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