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Hi guys,

I just installed Designer and noticed that whenever I try to open an SBAR file that I cannot display the graph or see any results in the 3D view.  I've tried about a dozen files from Substance Source and nothing works.  I'm guessing there's something really obvious I'm missing.

I do see the SBAR loaded in the Explorer but when I double click on the network child nothing opens up.

Help appreciated.

Win 10 Pro 64 Bit - 64Gig Ram - i7 4.# ghz

p.s.  Found this in the error log despite that a valid license is reported in the Help -Manage Licenses window. Not sure if that is related.

"[WRN][1957][News]Dictionary variable 'license[softwareVersion]' not found"


Disregard most of this....I think.  I realized that I needed to open SBS files for the most part but the odd thing is that some SBAR files opened just fine so I don't know if there's still an issue in general.  It's been a while since I've looked at Substance so forgive any obvious oversight on my part.

I'm getting tiling of a bitmap input despite having tiling set to absolute and no tiling throughout entire chain.  Bug or user idiot?

New user here.

I have been using Painter and Designer for a couple days now.  I noticed that my height maps are awfully jagged even when I bump up the texture resolution to 2k.  I have tried 4k but the programs crash every time I try to do that.  Can anyone advise on how to get clean smooth height displacement?  I know there's the "blur" trick but that kinda looks like crap to be honest.  Looking for a better quality result.

Thanks for your help!

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