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I think a lot of the problems i've been getting with my hi poly stuff has been down to the baked maps. Also having problems with the curvature map precision issues.

-Dark edges in curvature maps at the seams.
-AO not transitioning smoothly between UV islands.

Its much improved with those settings - contact points are mostly solid now - a couple bright sparkle areas which i can see in your screenshot also.

Bigger issue is I still get visible artifacts at UV seams - attached pic.

If i click on the email icon it takes me to a text only form and I cant attach anything :)

i'll send one anyway.

Hey Froyok,

Could you send me your email in a pm, I would like to attach the meshes to an email if that's ok?


Didnt help. I can get around these precision issues by baking my AO maps in VRay but it's another step in the prep process which is a pain.

The edge just gets smoother. default and 4x4 sub-sampling below

I tried that. Didn't improve matters. I noticed with uniform the darker areas are a little more pronounced but the artifact remains.


Having a recurring issue with AO bakes within painter - visible seam artifacts around the point where two separate mesh objects meet.

This particular asset is a high poly model i'm currently working. Here I am using a dirt generator with the AO map to create some dirt around contact points. Can clearly see the gaps where the AO map is not doing its job. I have tried different settings to no avail. Wondering if I missing something? Any help appreciated.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - FBX 2016 Export Bug?
 on: October 23, 2015, 04:32:43 pm 
Painter/Designer refuse to read FBX files saved in 2016 format. Keep getting

[Scene 3D] Failed to load 3D scene.
FBX : Could not import scene properly.

Have to change my export to 2014/2015 in Maya. Not sure if this is a bug or simply the latest version not supported. Just putting this out there.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: Painter wish list
 on: October 13, 2015, 02:15:08 pm 
A couple things:

1 UV sets
2 UDIM painting
3 Better brushes/clone etc

4 OpenSubdiv support - having to pre-subdivide meshes  can be a time consuming process.

VRay export working as of 1.5.5. Appreciate the quick turnaround on this fix.

Non-metal parts of the shader appear to 'glow' more than they do in painter as noted before. Glancing angle reflections are too strong. I've not tested with Arnold since our pipeline is VRay. I suspect it's the pure white values for dialectics in the reflection map coming from Painter. In general having a fully reflective material in VRay never looked great. Probably about as good as it gets for now.

Nicholas, can you explain how the IOR map values from painter are mapped? For instance painter ouputs a 187 rgb value for dialectrics (IOR Map) Thanks.

See here for VRay,

Currently VRay export has some problems which have been fixed   - need to wait for an update.

Not tried arnold.

Ah ok. thanks for clearing that up.

Can you post a bigger pic?

(yeah side note...I had to change the uv's to fix a problem with normal maps - vray doesnt like flipped normals which the hanz mesh had for the straps)

EDIT - just seen your pic fullscreen. The dialectric areas look like they reflect a little strongly still. Especially glancing angles. (gloves/straps)

Thanks for the info.

I made the adjustments you suggested to my blend material setup. On the first VRay setup the result is extremely close now. This has meant using channels from two seperate output presets. Will this be the way forward or will the new VRay preset be updated to work for this multi material workflow? ( i guess we can customize our own channels for export)

Interestingly when I used the IOR map from the VRay preset instead of custom fresnel values that you specified the result was completely different. IOR map seems to work fine for the metal, but when I used the IOR map on the concrete material the result varies a lot. Does this indicate a problem with the IOR for dialectrics or am I missing something here?

That's great news. Can you explain what the issue was? would be good for my own understanding.

Some further observations that I have made today.... given that the multi material setup on one shader wasn't working, I tried to re-create 2 layers from painter using a VRayBlend material. From my example you can see I am blending a base metal with a concrete material via the mask that I have exported from Painter. All maps were exported from painter one layer at a time and connected to the shader exactly the same way.

The result is also some way off. Im not sure if the issue is related to the existing bug or a problem with the mask that has been exported.

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