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Having a recurring issue with AO bakes within painter - visible seam artifacts around the point where two separate mesh objects meet.

This particular asset is a high poly model i'm currently working. Here I am using a dirt generator with the AO map to create some dirt around contact points. Can clearly see the gaps where the AO map is not doing its job. I have tried different settings to no avail. Wondering if I missing something? Any help appreciated.


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - FBX 2016 Export Bug?
 on: October 23, 2015, 04:32:43 pm 
Painter/Designer refuse to read FBX files saved in 2016 format. Keep getting

[Scene 3D] Failed to load 3D scene.
FBX : Could not import scene properly.

Have to change my export to 2014/2015 in Maya. Not sure if this is a bug or simply the latest version not supported. Just putting this out there.

I know there's been a few VRay topics scattered around the boards but I figured i'd post this here as I used Painter to generate the outputs. ps I should note that none of the threads lead me to a solution and I couldn't find any documentation on the subject.

Anyways, I've been testing the viability of the new VRay preset output and i'm not 100% everything is as it should be. On simple materials everything seems to work well but when trying to combine metal/non metal materials on the same shader i've noticed some issues.

I've attached an image that documents my results as well a larger version of my shader setup. I think I have connected the maps correctly but would great if anyone could take a look and see where/if i'm going wrong.

Would also be great if someone could explain how VRay is handling the IOR map internally.

I've only been able to reproduce the painter viewport look in Renderman for Maya (using the PxrDisney shader). I'm not sure if the intention was that we'd get a 100% match in VRay or something in the same ballpark.

thanks in advance.

Rust filter still drawing incorrectly on mac. Attached images below (painter 1.4)

This is the default effect applied to a base metal fill layer. The rust filter is washing out the underlying material instead of just applying the effect on top.

Can we get an option to view any layer/mask in the 2D view as opposed to just the material channels.

Saving previews directly from the 2D view  - This will solve VFX related material issues concerning VRAY/Arnold or any renderer that hasn't implemented PBR. Just having the masks will allow you to build custom blend mats that should give you a close approximation of your painter materials

Currently there's no way to use Painter and one of these renderers without a lot of hacks.

Hopefully not too much of an issue as this functionality already exists in Designer.

EDIT - sorry should have been in requests section. please move

I've come across some strange issues in Substance Painter  (1.3.4 OS X Yosemite)

I started to texture one my assets recently using some materials I downloaded from Pawel

I'm getting some rendering issues when switching the viewport resolution to 2K. Below are some images at 1k then 2k. I should add point out that  switching back and forth can give entirely random results which makes me think that painter is having problems recalculating the graph.



Interestingly I've tried using this substance (Painted metal) in Designer and there are no problems when increasing the graph resolution.

My second issue is I cannot get the rust matFX to work in Painter. The result is very strange indeed - seems to brighten up the entire material as opposed to just placing the rust effect. I think this is an OS X issue as I don't recall seeing this problem on PC.

Any help on these issues would be appreciated.

After trying the 30 day trials of sd and painter I purchased the Indie Pack last night as I wanted to take advantage of the saving. I was under the impression I was pre-ordering SD5 at the same time.(otherwise I would have waited till today to get Live) Now i'm confused at about what i'm actually getting.

In my downloads section I only have links to SD4 and the other 2 apps, but no link to SD5. Also am I supposed to be getting a live subscription with this? (as what I purchased yesterday is no longer available)

Please can someone clear this up?

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