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Baking low as high wont give you any normal map information so I'm not sure what you would be combining. The AO would, but yes, you would have to export out and do it that way. Mesh maps will overwrite upon new bake.

If you're using polyfill you want the faces you're applying the fill to have straight UVs. Otherwise to combat this problem you would have to increase your texel density but that may not be an option if you're fully utilizing your UV map and locked into a 1k map size.

UDIMs are not supported which is why that option is disabled. (UV tile workflow = UDIMs)

Make sure you're using your Substance and not Adobe account.

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Where is the Steam link?
 on: May 22, 2021, 06:36:03 am 
Regarding linking:,37576.0.html

For the Read Only issue did you try running Painter as an Admin?

Make sure you don't have any overlapping UV shells.

This was discontinued early in the year and people had until February 2021 to link. Now perpetual is only on Steam.

Well use whatever method works for you then. Yes, of course you need all those channels enabled, otherwise how would it work?

Bake settings are just a starting point. Far too many people just load up the bake screen and click bake without adjusting.

Regarding the bounding box, when checked the distances are normalized in the 0-1 range. Distances are expressed as a percentage of the Bounding Box size. When not checked, the distances are not normalized and dependent on the object size.

So you're saying it doesn't work regardless? You're not adding it the correct way I'm referring to. Do this:

Not sure why you're making a fill layer and adding a paint to it as opposed to just making the paint layer on its own...

Can you provide the .SPP file in which you're using it on and I'll test it on my end. I'm not aware of any bug, I use this feature regularly.

Also the way I teach is like I shown above, and even the official documentation suggests using a Paint Layer.

Make sure this method works as it is what I use 100% of the time, and I don't use fills with paint layers under them for the clone tool.

Make a new Paint Layer above the Fill Layer, set all the channels to Passthrough and it will work.

If this happens after baking then you need to bake by mesh name to split it. Otherwise the rays are hitting those parts.

If you lower the value does it work? Start at something lower and work your way up.

F5 and F6 toggle between the views (perspective - orthographic). Then when you rotate hold shift to snap the views.

Thanks for the swift reply,

can you describe your answer in a wee bit more detail? I don't really have a clue what to do exactly.

Thanks for your time.

Click the shader icon, and select the Metal Roughness with Alpha Blending, then your opacity will work.

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