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We will post changelogs for B2M3 updates in this thread.

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.3

New Features:

- [UI] Preserve window size/position


- [Mac] Crash when switching between meshes in 3D view

Know issues:
- [Mac] Slider behavior still not correct on MacOSX when moved during computation. Due to a Qt bug ( that will be corrected in the 5.7 version.
For now the workaround is to disable the "slider tracking" option (see image below) or specify a value in the spin box (at the right of the sliders). A new build will be published as soon as it is fixed on Qt side.

- [PC] On Windows 8 and Windows 10, when "Start Bitmap to Material" checkbox is enable at the end of the install, Windows will not allow to drag and drop a picture.
If you run B2M normally (without administrator rights), everything should be ok.

Previous Builds -------------------------------------------------------------------

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.2

New Features:

- [UI] Support for High-DPI resolutions
- [UI] Icons rework
- [3D View] Allow to save render (Camera>Save Render)
- [3D View] Have the possibility to choose the render resolution (Camera>Edit)
- [3D View] Add orthographic view (Camera>Edit)


- [3D View] IBL Diffuse reflection is too strong
- [3D View] Redocking 3D View make the viewport full black
- [3D View] Crash when setting some images as Panorama (using drag and drop)
- [3D View] Toolbar menu does not behave like a regular menu

Know issues:
- [Mac] Crash when switching base geometry in 3D View.

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.1


- [Filter] Sbsar file is not visible from SD library

Release Notes - B2M - Version 3.1.0


- [Parameters] Syntax errors with some "visible if" conditions
- [Parameters] Inputs tooltips need some fixes
- [Parameters] Inputs labels and ID need some fixes
- [Parameters] Default values fixes
- [Delight] Light Equalizer range values doesn't behave correctly
- [Tiling] "Make It Tile" doesn't behave the same on X and Y axis with Edges Linear method
- [Relief] "Relief Equalizer" is not resolution independent
- [Specular] Specular doesn't work in metallic areas if metallic output is disabled

New Features:

- [Filter] Improved results with non square image inputs
- [Filter] Better global performances
- [Parameters] Add a separated control on X and Y axis for Input Scale
- [Parameters] Add Light cancel angle parameter when extraction method is set on luminance based
- [Image Inputs] Have the possibility to apply Input Scale on "Metallic", "Emissive" and "Relief" image inputs
- [Image Inputs] Have the possibility to apply Make It Tile on "Metallic", "Emissive" and "Relief" image inputs
- [Tiling] "Make It Tile" Edges Quincunx tiling method must be affected by "Tiling Transition Precision"
- [Tiling] "Make It Tile": add a "Tiling Transition Size" option for "Quincunx" and "Linear" methods to control how far from the edges the transition will be done.
- [Relief] "Relief Balance" must produce higher quality results (low and mid frequencies look like coming from low resolution)
- [Relief] Add a parameter (Invert Relief Type) to control the "Invert Relief" type when the "Slope" Method is selected as the extraction algorithm.
- [Relief] Add a "Height Input Softness" option to blur the height map input
- [3D View] Add tessellation to PBR shaders (PC only due to hardware limitations on MacOSX)
- [3D View] Add simple opacity to PBR shaders (no face sorting)
- [Emissive] Add an emissive output (with image input support)
- [Emissive] Add controls to choose the generation method and adjust the result
- [Opacity] Add an opacity output (generated from the Main Input alpha channel)
- [AO] Add an extra frequency equalizer control ("AO Balance")

As 3dsMax section of the forum is not really visible, I also add a topic here to give it some visibility:

(please comment the other post if needed to keep everything in the same thread :) )

This (free) tool allows you to quickly send objects to Substance Painter from 3dsMax.

Please find download attached to this post.

Be sure to have administrator privileges in order to be able to add files to 3dsMax sub-directories.
1. Launch 3dsMax using right click->Run as administrator.
2. Use "MAXScript->Run Script" to execute the .mzp file.
3. Click on "Customize->Customize User Interface". Click on "Toolbars" tab.
4. In "Category", select "Substance" and drag & drop "Send to Substance" in 3dsMax UI to add it as a button.
Optional: you can create your own toolbar by clicking on "New" Button.

- Automatic export selected objects (and Normal maps assigned in "Bump/Normal bump" if available)
- Creation of a Substance Painter document at export location with correct normal maps/materials assignations (from scratch or using a .spp as source file)
- Automatically relaunch Substance Painter in order to get a quick preview
- Use a Substance Painter document (.spp file) as template

The script will create the folder structure (specified in the export path) and a subfolder (optional) based on the "Export name" (or first object name in alphabetic order if none is mentioned). This folder contains the Substance Painter file and all files created from 3dsMax to setup it.

This script is not a final product and can evolve/be modified in next releases.
As it allows you to replace existing (exported using the tool) Substance Painter document, be sure to backup your files in order to preserve them from potential errors of manipulation.
Don't hesitate to give me/us feedbacks or examples of how you use it  :)

Example video (version 1.0 of the tool)

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