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Hello, I've done several tests and tried couple workarounds, but it seems like Micro details (same for Height and Normal) are not working in Baked Lighting Environment filter. However, it works when I export Normal map, after doing all texturing, and than import it again and dragging into Micro Details sections. Here is my workflow, maybe I'm doing something wrong, please help me out on this:

I create a layer below Baked Lighting Environment layer, paint some height, assign an anchor to this layer, than go to baked environment and in Heigh micro details section I reference my layer with heigh information. Also I turn Micro Heigh on. Not working.

Base color:

Material mode:

And here is the Anchor layer:


since there are no Flip Z/Y option during import, could you please add an option to use Trackball viewport navitation (same as in Modo or Unfold3D)? It would save much time for people importing Z-oriented meshes and be able to rotate along any axis would benefit texturing as well in general. Thanks in advance.


So, I've decided to go with the rave style Mat, so here is the final version that I've submitted and want to share with you guys.

Here is another quick Mat idea sketch. Please meet Dr. Mat :-).

I like this! Made me smile when I first saw this one :-).

Guys, it would be awesome to have something like this in Painter (see attachement). I do miss ability to fill backfaces with shapes (stencils, alphas) without spinning the model and reapplying paint.

I love the color scheme and overall composition. Great work Connor!

Here is another idea sketch: MAT, private investigator.

Rakamakafo! :-)

Yeah, too bad that Mat must live with these restrictions.

Hey guys, here is my first ideation for the contest. Meet MAT, Rave style.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Config export
 on: April 29, 2017, 05:32:16 pm 
Hey guys, is there any way to export customized UI + Hotkeys? I've customized Substance Painter a lot and want to bring this config to a computer at work.

Thanks Jeremie! Now it's clear :-).

I had hard time finding any info about entry limit. One person can submit only one Mat render or it is possible to submit as many different textured Ma version as one can produce?

Would be great to hear some more info about that second rule related to shaders. A bit confusing for me too.

Anyway, thanks a lot for this contest! Definitely will take a part in it, amazing chance and prizes are super great.

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