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Starting with this release, we are now supporting all UE4 versions starting with 4.1!

Binary Releases:,

Source Releases:,,,

- Make sure sRGB is disabled for normal map inputs
- Crash fix for reimported substances
- New Release: 4.6 Preview


Compatible with 4.5.1 (We also provide the 4.4 binaries as well)


 * Updated substance library binaries
 * Fixed import options labels
 * Specifying path for instances and materials at import now works as expected
 * Fixed a display bug when duplicating graph instances
 * Now allowing to create folders/sub-folders when importing a substance
 * Fixed substance image input buttons look
 * Improved default naming scheme for instances and materials
 * Fixed reimport regression (was crashing)
 * Fixed reimport crash when graph instance editor is open (temp workaround, closing the editor to prevent crash)
 * Fixed graph instance editor crash when docking graph instance editor main widget and closing parent window
 * Improved graph instance editor default layout
 * Added support for Linux

These Fixes are available in the GitHub Source of (We are working with Epic to provide these by 4.6):

 * Fixed Mac platform bug preventing import of Substance Image Input
 * Added sampler addressing modes for substance textures


This release is compatible with the new UE4.5 release. Enjoy!


This build is binary compatible with 4.4.3 and includes a bug fix for a crash that could occur using image inputs.



This version is binary compatible with Unreal Engine 4.4.1.



Compatible with the new UE4.4 release, also new in this version:
- 32bit Windows Support
- Normal maps no longer forced to DXT5
- Substances can now be loaded and cached on game runtime, allowing for very small packaged builds.
- Users can now query the progress of substance processing, which is useful for loading bars or profiling


The plugin is now available from our website:

This version is compatible with 4.3. Just extract to your Unreal project directory and enjoy!

The plugin is available on github:

This release is compatible with UE4.2.0

The plugin is available on github:

Changes from
- Fixed a crash that could occur when re-importing substance assets
- Renamed Blueprint Node input labels

Changes from
- Increased default cache budget so 1024x1024 and larger textures update much faster
- Published Mac libraries so you can now use the Substance Plugin on Mac
- Fixed a bug where thumbnails would not show up in the content previewer.

The plugin is available on github:

This release is compatible with the Unreal Engine 4.1.1 release. We have also changed our versioning model to more closely match Epic and reduce confusion.

The Substance Plugin V0.3.2 is now live here:

This release is compatible with the Unreal Engine 4.1.0 release

Hello All!

The Substance Plugin V0.3.1 is now live here:

This update features stability improvements, and features such as image input parameters should work properly. We are still working on performance improvements, but performance should be slightly improved compared to V0.3. We value community insight and commentary and look forward to seeing great work created with Substance and Unreal Engine 4!

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