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Trying to figure out why my normal map looks so different in unreal vs designer.  Normal map is direct X, colour space is linear, I've 'normalised' the normal map in designer,  compression in Unreal is set to Normalmap/ no SRGB. :/

image attached


I'm trying to export my maps out of designer but the Base Colour is not being exported as SRGB. When I bring it into Unreal it doesnt come in as SRGB and if I check the SRGB box the texture blows out and goes pale Can't figure out why. Any help would be great.


I'm making a marble floor, I have a tile sampler set up with the tiles etc, but when I make a tile sampler colour and try to tile the colour pattern I'm getting weird results, I've copied the settings to be the same.


I'm using Substance painter 2.5.3
Working on a project with two texture sets, however, the texture set list seams to have disappeared, so I'm a bit stuck..

I've attached an image of my workspace in case I'm missing something..


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