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Hope you will change your mind later on. At the moment, my main concern is that with newer versions of Substance Designer we will also see new types of sbsar files one cannot load using the older plugin versions.

The most recent versions of the Substance plugin are merely available for Maya 2019. Unfortunately, not all of us can update Maya so often. There are many circumstances where one has to keep a working version for a couple years. I am aware of the extra effort, but I hope you can compile also up to date plugins for older versions of Maya, in my case Maya 2017. Thanks in advance  :)

I guess "more than" means at least one additional month. That is, you have to wait until December 2019 and cannot get a perpetual license any earlier using this subscription method.

For all those running into the same problem. The solution is that depending on whether one signs in as a UE4 user or as a UE4 STUDIO user one gets access to either about 25 or 100 free items (and the larger collection is NOT a superset of the smaller one).

I just installed the most recent UE 4 version and the Substance plugin. On the various websites I have seen the remark that
" get 25 Substance Source materials curated by Allegorithmic and Epic Games for free"
They are displayed e.g. on

Where are these files ? Are they supposed to be on my hard drive right after installation ?
I understand there are other (and truly generous) free downloads from Substanace Source available to UE 4 users, but
how can I get access to this one set of free 25 substances. Some of them are particularly interesting for my current project.
Could you please give me access to these (free) files ?

I plan to buy a perpetual license, but I am wondering about the hassle with the licensing. If I do not
use the activation wizard but install the license key manually, I would hope this would minimize the
potential problems.

However, is it true there is no permanent license key, but only a series of 30 day license keys one has to renew
month after month ???

I plan to buy a perpetual license. Thus, I am wondering why people are afraid that their perpetual contract could become invalid. Isn't it a permanent key one gets ? That is, although Adobe will not admit new perpetual licenses one could legally
use this one given key forever. Is there anything I do not know or do not understand ?

...and how much will it take to purchase a perpetual license after 12 months? The same $49 as in the non-EDU case or even better $25  :) ? Of course, the notorious question is, whether we can sure about this, since Adobe will certainly kill perpetual licenses. Do you place a "warning" on your website before we reach that point, so that people who want to go for a perpetual license can still enter the game ?

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Live Indie license
 on: November 11, 2015, 10:39:41 am 

I am considering to buy and Indie Live license. I have studied your FAQ, but there are still some open questions left:
1. When I pay the total amount at one, how long can I benefit from the Live status which includes
the "Monthly Drops" ?
2. Do I need to send you any sort of proof that I earn less than less than $100K with this software.
3. In fact, I am working in the Edu-business and do not expect to earn any serious money from using software, expect for the pictures I include in my would you compute the earned money in this case, since, I am afraid, none of my books will ever be regarded art work ?

Best Regards, Martin

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