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Thanks Nicolas, but just to be on the same page, I am not planning to buy a new license on Oct.17 2020 but to maintain the license from the buyout. In the scenario above that would be  Aug.15 2020. Still the same result ?

Thanks Jeremie, let me pose a nerdy moron question: if I made a buyout from an Indie subscription, let us say on Aug. 15 2020.
Do I need to buy the maintenance the same day ? If not, and I buy it on, let us say on Oct. 17 2020, does that one year of maintenance still end on Aug. 14 2021 or on Oct. 16 2021 ?

Could you please clarify the notion "maintenance" of a perpetual license. Does it mean that buying it
on October 31st 2020 it gives me again a perpetual license for all releases published on or before October 30th 2021 ?

Could you upload that file ? Then some other users can check that beta style

You will get the 30 free materials when you subscribe to an Indie or a Pro license. The EDU license is not
considered as a subscription. At least, when you upgrade to an Indie license you only need to pay $9.90
per month (for the first year).

Well, I should have formulated it this way:
Will Alchemist become part of the Substance suite and/or will there be perpetual Indie licenses ?
It seems plausible that both answers are yes, but Nicolas clear statement suggested (to me) something different.
Anyway, I understand that these things contain many unpredictable elements and I would not insist on getting
any sort of definitve answer...possibly Apple buys Adobe etc.

I am now wondering whether there are perpetual licenses for Alchemist at all ???

Substance Alchemist is not included in the perpetual licenses when you cancel.

Will that change once Substance Alchemist has seen its final release ? That is, does it become part of the suite and the promise we get a perpetual license also apply to this piece ?

The problem is that you are taking a BMW model, try Mercedes instead. Then it will work. :P
Sorry, couldn't resist  :) 

Great, that would be fantastic.  :)

Possibly it is helpful to notice that for many longtime Maya users the version 2017 was the last one which came with a permanent license. This makes this version special and, as with the Adobe CS6 edition, many people still use it because the later versions of Maya haven't seen too many new features.

Indeed, it would be a wonderful move if we could get the new 2.0 plugin for Maya 2017.
Galen mentioned that, at least, there is the idea to release the source code for the plugin.
Please help us. In many production environments one cannot regularly switch to the
most recent Maya versions.

I completely agree on that. One weird work-around might be to set rules for the firewall to not allow the software to enter the internet.  Then it can hardly tell us that there is a newer version or that maintenance has expired. A related question is whether (and in the affirmative case, why) someone who buys the software directly, without prior subscription, would get similiar messages.

Possibly it is my ignorance, but it seems natural but not yet possible to bake/convert a populated fill layer to
a paint layer in a way like the conversion of a smart object in Photoshop into a regular layer with its extended
editing capbilities.

There are two standard editing tasks which afaik are not yet possible in SP:
1. move, rotate and scale different pieces/objects in the viewport e.g. rotate a chair placed next to a table.
2. adding further meshes two an existing scene.
Of course, this can easily be done e.g in Maya in the first place or iteratively, but doing it right in SP
would significantly speed up the creation of visuals.

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