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So it is a bug. I set my new library as default and all starter materials disappeared in next launch. I have to delete my custom library and push ok. Painter return starter materials. Then i again add my custom library and paiter add materials from that library.
This algorithm i need to do every launch.

I tried to import base materials from substaince source in new library. It imported ok, but some materials won't stay in library after restarting. For example spray_paint_tag stays in library when puff_glitter_print i need to add every time i launch painter.
I add them in same library with same settings, but one stays and other don't. Am i doing something wrong or it is bug?

I making a monitor model with static noise on blue screen. Screen and noise are emissive. One material for screen and one for noise. I made a material with "Blue noise fast" in emissive node on top and fill a "glass" material with blue emission on bottom.
But emission dont work as colors and when i try to change material to passthrough or any other it does not affect material at all. So emission on bottom materal not shown at all.
I need black color on noise behave like alpha. How can i make it transparent?

Cant upload pic on forum so i uploaded it here:

Tnx, but i solved it with working AO.

I made a model but when i trying to bake maps there strange ugly lines when nothing suppose to be. Om belt, bands and packs. They in AO, World Space normals and Curvature maps. What are those and how can i get rid of them?
Sorry for noob question.
Tnx in advance.

After using projection tool i got artefacts on model. Atefacts appear only on layer with projection, and only at 4k texture. On 2k there is no problem. Hardware acceleration is off. Video drivers last availible. Exported textures have same artefacts. They can be clearly seen on a normal map.
Cant upload picture here ... infinite upload so i put it here:

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