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If this material (from substance source) is applied and baked in painter on uv maps and than exported as pbr textures in blender and baked inside blender with lightning and shadows? and than exported as single texture (texture on which all is baked) and sold together with model?

Ok, also for substance source materials? Also what does mean i should not offer planes? Does that mean if i make for example road kit (3d road objects with substance materials applied and baked on uv maps), that i offered planes?

So if i am selling 3d building that has applied material on uv maps of the building, for example floor (floor is plane/cube), and if i exported this textures as pbr and imported them in blender and than i baked it (with shadows and lights) than got one final texture, is that ok too?

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Commerical Use
 on: July 27, 2020, 11:01:36 am 

I made house model. I used substance source materials to create PBR textures for house (i applied materials on 3d model). I exported PBR textures to use them within blender. I plan to render house/scene to get few different picture for architectural visualization. Those pictures will be use to show house for possible customers. Is that ok?

Yes it is all baked down on UVmaps, for example i take cobalt material and apply it on model, than bake normals, aos etc than i export it as pbr textures, import those textures in blender and than apply them on 3d model and again i bake everything inside blender to texture. and i export those textures to use with 3d model.

If i apply for example parquet material on floor of 3d building i made and i bake all down to textures as i described is that ok right? Also it is ok just to sell 3d models without textures, because textures are alread applied on them and end user cannot use those textures because they are not included with files.


I would like to know if i am allowed to commercially use textures that i baked down (bake on uv map) in painter from materials (ones that comes form substance painter, source and share). I would use them on my and with 3d models i created.

Thank you

Hello. Could someone help me out...I am looking for multi-threading on my nvidia settings but since i have all in another language I would just need someone to screenshoot it where is this setting exactly.

Thank you in advance.

When i override my viewport resolution like shown on screenshoots below i get strange results. Half od rendered picture is white.

This is the rendered picture result:

Why is this happening?

Thank you in advance :)

No it does not. Cant you see the back side of body for example? It has completly ugly and different look from the front body view. I rotated light,enviornment and results were same (bad). I am really dissapointed about this :/

Hello. As you can see from pictures below i have trouble with materials in substance painter. On 2d viewport i dont see material correctly as displayed on 3d view port, seems only back side or down side (one side of the mesh) is affected by this error. Please if someone could help me. There is also dae file attached below. I made mesh in blender and exported it as dae. , i also tried exporting it as fbx and obj but i still have same problems. I bake texture maps before i apply material but still it doesnt help.

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