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Interesting about TdrDelay. I did some research on it and found this thread on the nvidia forums:

It seems to say that not only do you change GraphicsDrivers\TdrDelay but also GraphicsDrivers\DCI\Timeout to the same value. They also use a much higher value (0x60 in hex or 96 in decimal).

It also seems pretty clear reading the thread that changing these values are a band-aid on a bigger issue. It's not a fix, but a workaround and will probably still crash, just not as often.

Thanks for update. They said anything about next drivers update? Just asking.. I know can be "soon", but I still hope for a fast fix.

On Tuesday Metal Gear Solid V is being released and that will almost surely mean a new driver release.

So why is it that the rendering engine in Designer is DirectX on Windows but Painter is OpenGL? It'd be nice if there was an option for DirectX rendering. Might be a workaround for this crash issue with the OpenGL driver on windows 10.

In regards to what older driver to run yes, though I don't know how running a pre 10 driver is gonna effect performance of other applications. I'm sure they are working hard for a fix though so thanks.

Edit: Actually having said that I'm having trouble trying to get the old driver to stick. Windows keeps updating it, used that hide driver update utility multiple times but doesn't want to stick -_-

I had the same problem. Keep trying. You may want to check the pinned thread where people have given some advice on how to get the downgrade to stick better.

Upgrading from Win 7 to 10 was the biggest mistake i could have made.

I kept getting  a blue screen and my system would crash.

I suggest wait a while till they fix all the bugs, because i had to re format my hard disk and do a clean install with Win 7.

Now i`m pain stakingly re installing all my programs

Do yourself a favor and use Clonezilla to make an image clone of your hard drive after doing a fresh install of your OS and the baseline applications. I can restore my 30GB image containing a fresh installation in 5 minutes!

10bit support was added very recently for GTX series cards. I noticed after downgrading to the 347.88 drivers that the option for 10bit support is no longer there. I wonder if that has something to do with it...

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