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Nice, never heard of discord before, but real-time chat is always a boon. Looks like there's a lot more to offer too. Count me in.

I'm honestly surprised something like this isn't easily found on the internet.

As a rather involved way of getting one of these if you truly can't find one, is to download Unreal Engine 4 (which is free now), and you can export out static meshes from the engine as FBX files. UE4 comes with the following material sphere, that has two material groups:

EDIT: I went ahead and exported out a FBX myself to save you the trouble, if you are still intersted. Send me a private message with your email address and I'll send it to you.

Right now it looks like the "Last Updated" info means either the page or the files, which makes it hard to really know when a file has been updated. If we could have separate "Page Last Updated" and "Files Last Updated", that would be a great enhancement.

Have you tried selecting the GPU engine in the UE4 Substance plugin settings?

Am I mistaken in believing that only the top-level graph's input parameters have any effect?

The input parameters for other graphs that I have instanced into my top-level graph don't seem to do anything, but they work just fine in Designer.

Is this a known limitation of the UE4 plugin?

I see, thanks for the explanation. I do hope you guys can come up with some kind of solution eventually though because it would be such a productivity booster!

Going back through the Getting Started with Substance Designer and am on chapter 6, Dynamic Functions and Controls.

I noticed that when a new function was created for the opacity parameter channel, the button changed to a "bold" style where it was shown as white instead of gray to make it clear that the channel is being controlled by a function.

I see that on the current version of Substance Designer, the highlight is no longer used. It would be nice if it was returned to a bold style to make it clear at a quick glance that a function is being used.

I see this is the #1 request since February of last year...

Such a popular, simple request. Seems strange that it hasn't been implemented yet.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Node bypass
 on: May 10, 2016, 07:35:32 pm 
Would be nice if there was an option on each node to allow the node to be bypassed easily.

I'm not sure, but if that's the case, why have a selectable shader option in the iray renderer menu?

Title pretty much says it all. I'm getting the exact same render regardless of which shader I am selecting. Seems to always be using the pbr-metal-rough shader instead.

I get #3 or something similar to it with my 27QHD on Windows. What model of wacom do you have? I think there is some kind of issue with the wireless connection on the remote glitching out on occasion.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Painter and Wacom
 on: March 28, 2016, 07:59:31 pm 
What Wacom tablet do you have?

It's really helpful being able to hover your mouse over a layer or mask icon, and have the preview window pop up. However, especially on my 1440p tablet, the previews are just too small to be as useful as they should be. Personally, I would want them to be about twice the size they currently are (about the same size as the previews from the Shelf) so having it be a customizable option would be great!

Ok, so I've been trying to learn, layer by layer, from the Vela template sample (from Substance Share, not the one that shipped with 2.0.1). It hasn't taken long for me to come across something that makes absolutely zero sense to me.

What I did was solo the "Char" texture set. Then I disabled every single layer so the texture was completely blank. Next, I started to enable one layer/effect at a time, from the bottom up to study how each layer contributes to the final texture. So I enabled the "Base" layer first, then the "Blue Base" layer, then the "Bright Blue" layer, and finally the "Purple" layer.

This is where I'm absolutely stumped. If you take a look at the mask on the "Purple" layer, it's clearly solid white on the tentacle looking things coming off her head. So, they should be solid purple. However, in material mode there are splotches where the blue layers show through.

However, it's a complete mystery to me how the blue layers are showing through. As I said, the mask layer shows it being completely white. It doesn't have anything to do with the Blue layers either. You see the same result if only the Purple layer is enabled. So could someone please explain to me how the splotchy effect is being generated? I've been trying to figure it out for 20 minutes now and have no idea. The only thing I can think of is that it's a bug or something.

EDIT: Figures I'd unravel the mystery moments after I make this post. The splotchiness is a result of layered masking coming from the parent folder.

If I may make a recommendation, it would be extremely useful if you could preview a mask not only in isolation, but preview the "final" mask that is a result of all the layered masks combined. Maybe Alt+clicking on the mask previews the mask in isolation as it does now, and then maybe Ctrl+Clicking will show the final mask?

EDIT 2: Something else I've noticed with the tentacle thingies. For some reason I can't paint on the middle two in 3D view, but the outer one is paintable. But I can paint any of them from the 2D viewport no problem. So not sure what's going on there....

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