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It would be nice if the materials you download from Substance Source get imported into a subdirectory that matches the Category assigned to it in Substance source. Instead of having them all in the same Materials folder.

If you already have a project and wish to use these assets in that project, it gets slightly more involved:

This scenario includes two projects: Your current project and an updating project (which will be used for updating assets)

  • Download old assets (that contain Substances) into your updating project (older Unity version, i.e. Unity 2017)
  • Update the project using Unity's project updating process to a newer Unity version (i.e. 2018.2)
  • Import the Substance in Unity plugin from the Asset Store
  • The assets should now be updated
  • Right click the Asset folder and click 'Export Package' (make sure to uncheck the Allegorithmic folder, so you DO NOT include the Substance plugin
  • Import the newly repackaged updated Assets into your current project

This does not seem like a good recommendation to make. I don't think it's a good idea to re-import your entire Asset hierarchy. It could take a very long time and also cause unexpected issues.

What I did was a bit different and much safer in my opinion. My steps (will only work in Windows):

1. Updated project from 2017.4 to 2018.2.14
2. Opened updated project, fixed any compilation errors in project or asset code
3. Imported Substance in Unity plugin
4. Closed Unity Editor
5. Made a copy of my 2018.2 version of the project
6. Searched the Assets folder (do NOT start from the project root, start at the Assets folder) of the copied project, using the search filter to only return files that do NOT have the sbsar extension: extension:~!sbsar kind:~!folder
7. Deleted all the search results so that only the sbsar files are left
8. Opened the copied version of the project that only has the sbsar files.
9. Exported a Unity Package of the Assets folder
10. Opened the original upgraded 2018.2 project and imported the Unity package to re-import the .sbsars

It worked, but not perfectly. I've seen the following two issues:

1. On some GameObjects connected to prefabs, the GameObjects were reset to the prefab state and the Substance Material failed to apply properly. There is no material assigned at all.

2. On GameObjects with more than one material assigned to them, the upgrade did not put the assigned materials back in the correct order.

And an enhancement request:

1. Please give the top level asset a custom icon so I'm not constantly confusing them with the fbx models :)

Glad I saw this before I started my 2017.4 -> 2018.2 project upgrade. Of course I was about to start with the latest 2018.2 release but I'll drop down to 2018.2.14 now. C# 6 support with the .NET 4x framework is an absolute must for me!

Boy, they sure aren't making things easy for you guys! And sadly the road will continue to be similarly bumpy I imagine for the foreseeable future. They are making huge changes to the scripting backend in 2018.3+, by moving to the Roslyn compiler and adding C# 7 support. NET 3.5 is going to be deprecated. Lots of changes going on with the Scriptable Render Pipelines too. And then a new Editor UI system for 2019.1... Phew! It's definitely a bit of a pain for everyone but very exciting to see that the engine is being modernized at such a rapid pace.

Now, a question. Is it known whether the Substance Plugin 2.1 -> 2.2 upgrade process will be fairly straightforward? I'm wondering if I maybe should just hold off on my 2018.2 upgrade until 2.2 is out, but if it looks like it will be pretty simple there wouldn't be a need to wait.

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the continued support Allegorithmic is providing for the Unity plugin. I know the sudden and unexpected decision by Unity to drop their own in-house Substance Plugin really threw you guys for a loop.  It looks like this latest update is a huge improvement! I've been holding off on updating to Unity 2018 for a few reasons, but the uncertainty and disruption of the Substance situation has been one of the biggest factors. I'm very encouraged to see that the upgrade process has been essentially made transparent at this point! So, well done to the team that is working on this!  ;D

The icing on the cake would be GPU engine support. So I am hopeful that's coming up next!

EDIT: I think I just don't understand how the UDIM functionality works in Designer yet.

Is the printed version of the 2018 version going to be for sale publicly?

I'd rather that Allegorithmic take their time, even if it releases after Unity 2018.1, if that means the migration process will be smoother. Having to manually replace hundreds/thousands of materials wouldn't be much fun.

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: Unity 2018.1 Support
 on: December 02, 2017, 02:21:41 am 
This is excellent news!! Unity's lag in adding support for the SD6 format was pretty extreme.

I hope this means GPU engine support!!  ;D

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: GPU Engine Support?
 on: February 23, 2017, 04:44:09 pm 
Here's hoping this gets changed for Unity 2017!

As CPUs continue to get more powerful, can we expect some of the limitations of the CPU engine (particularly the 2k limit) to be increased at some point? 8 core CPUs should are going mainstream this year.

Substance Integrations - Unity - GPU Engine Support?
 on: February 14, 2017, 03:00:15 pm 
Is it on the roadmap for GPU Engine support on Unity?

One recommendation is that the minimum shelf size needs to be ever so slightly smaller, so that it perfectly fits one row of Large icons (@1080p). That way, as you scroll through the list with the mouse wheel, every row shows up nicely.

Dang. Well here's hoping it will be worth it!!

I wonder if Pascals (or maybe next gen GPU) would be fast enough to support realtime iray painting? If that's even on the radar for allegorithmic.

Any updates on this?

Thanks for that zurhoch. This one is definitely pretty nice as well:

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