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I'm not sure when they will be added to SP, but you can import them manually. Just Import>Substance.

The problem is, I only have a license for SD3, although I fake the pbr workflow with my own nodes, I cannot download the pbr textures, because I dont get a link for that in the download section.
And I need those, because there is no official pbr chart for the SD renderer.
The quixel chart doesnt help, because i use the roughness workflow and the values from that chart are for a spec/gloss workflow. Also, they look off in SD.

I would be grateful if you could at least provide a chart of some kind to color pick appropriate values for my roughness maps.

Also, wouldnt it be nice to give away the pbr substances for people with SD3 or lower, if they have also SP? Because how it is right now, I cannot properly make a pbr texture in SD for further refinement in SP?

You really are a Substance Ninja, as your subtitle suggests! CUstomer service at half past 11pm.. Jeez :D
Ah, okay, i didnt know there is a difference between the painter and designer packages... wouldnt they both be .sbs?
Thanks for the quick reply, is there any approximation of when this will be done?


says that it would come with the substance painter aswell, i dont see my pbr package, even when i click on the "download the painter here" link. It only gives me the options for the mac and windows open betas...

I am so sorry, i totally misread it... I meant to help you with the Substance Designer :O

Did you see this yet?

Well, maybe you could be a bit more specific...

Do you need a 3d modeling tutorial? Or unwrapping? Do you know how to bake normal maps?

If its only for using substances in max, then you can either export your substance as bitmaps or use them with a specific node in max' own shader editor.

I know this is not the biggest image, but maybe this helpos you to get an idea:

Yes, this is a rather easy (to explain) one.

If i zoom out (and sometimes the node tree is big) i would like to have the connection dots resize a bit, too. Right now its hard to connect two distant nodes when zoomed out, as you really have to aim at the right spot.

just had an operation, so my prograss is slow, as i can only work a bit at a time.

right now, when i drag some imported bitmaps (not, not layers of a psd, but just generic maps i did with ps and saved as .tga) into the node view, they do not get computed. the node thumbnail keeps being blank and is 0*0 pixles (although i have set the slider to "11" => 2k²). It also uses 0 ms to compute. Restarting SD helps, but really, i dont want to do  that all over again and again (especially with the disappearing explorer bug)
am i the only one experiencing all this? i am somehow feeling i am fucking up somewhere...

i hope its not too unstructured :P
was it readable?

another tip: if you "lost" your layer choosing window after importing a .psd, just rightclick your SD symbol in the windows bar (the one for your open SD window) and click "close" once. It will pop up the window back to the front

hey folks, i am pretty sure i am missing out on something big, but i have a problem right now.
i already solved it, but lets recap from the beginning.

i made a height map in photoshop and saved a .psd with different layers.
i link this thing in SD (by the way, if you are impatient and click something before the layer choosing window pops up, its hidden behind your SD window. :) edit4: seems you dont have to click anywhere, can happen without, too)
i then drag out one of the layers. i actually cut out everything i need in ps and collapsed the mask.
when i change it to greyscale it becomes a mess of rectangles i never ever ceated. the psd itself has no mask.

i was able to go about it with putting a mask into each layer seperatly. the mask will be imported into sd as seperate entity and i can use it as i wish. but what did i do wrong, that plain layers are so wierd when turned to greyscale?

edit: also i have the feeling my layers get distorted? anybody else experiencing this or is it just too late?
edit5: no, they do not get "distorted" however Sd discards some blank pixels at the border, which distorts it when you scale it back to 2k²
hmm... okay... i am going to make seperate black and white maps for all of my layers and fill everything...

edit2: either my psd is corrupt or i dunno, i'm too dumb, just had a crash. which brings me to a feature request: auto saving thank you :)

edit3: please, could you also fix the disappearing explorer windows bug? i need to demax my SD, add another explorer, change a few things in the layout, maximize, arrange everything neatly all the time -.- (i got a custom second windows bar in the middle of my two screens and it hides portions of the ui)

edit6: i was thinking my computer has a bad day today, but now, after turning away from the psd the selection in the explorer is way snappier and responsive. just wanted to state that for google or someone whos interested :)

nono, you got it wrong... allegorithmic's logo was like that BEFORE autodesk changed theirs.

so i am proposing, that allegorithmic will take over autodesk ;)
which is not bat at all!

congrats to the release!

though i was informed via i think. so if you have sent a notification e-mail, i didnt get it.

also, the download section is messed up for me. :P
the list with the possible downloads is moved  to the right of the title bar, effectivly making the site almost twice as broad. and i have "   substance_designer_3_5_0_build_11973.exe" and some others doubled in there. is there any diffierence? i know, some are older versions, some are for mac, but this one is doubled, too. I use firefox!

Yeah, I am downloading now, so excited :)

So, you promised a roadmap with the release.... GIMME :D

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Re: Gradient Substance
 on: March 22, 2013, 01:15:49 am 
thanks! this leads me to the question, maybe you should make a sticky with user contributions?
like, i made this hue/saturation with mask input node a while back for someone, i would give it away :)

and maybe you could share the shader you  made for me once, the one with the gloss channel. maybe some more people can share more, its always good to be able to tear apart works of others to learn from it :)

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Re: Seamless
 on: March 19, 2013, 03:52:42 pm 
i would consider blending this material with it self, with a noise as mask and offset one of the two materials. should break up the pattern quite a lot.
(in unity, that is, not in sd :) )

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