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As the title says, ever since the update to 8.1, the process in my task manager isn't killed when I close SP. It happens with both standalone and the Steam versions. With Steam, I even played Trackmania for a couple hours after using SP only to notice it had me listed as playing SP the entire time.

Tried submitting this via the bug report system in the app, but it errored and said it couldn't be sent (I tried from the steam version).

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - What's new in 8.1?
 on: July 07, 2014, 12:26:07 am 
Anybody know? My SP updated from 8 to 8.1 and I can't find anything resembling a changelog.

Nothing major, just a simple way to easily access the log.txt stashed away in the appdata folder.

I may be the only one who's tried to use SP to texture a Trackmania car, but exporting maps for one crashes SP every time. I've submitted a crash report the first time (yesterday), but figured I'd post here in case there's something I'm missing regarding 3DS files in general.

Here's a link to download the template file of the car I was using, which contains the 3DS files. I was using the middle-quality version.

I downloaded and installed beta 8 right over 7. Now it's claiming that I'm using the trial version; however, there is nowhere for me to redo my registration- it doesn't ask and it's not in the menus. My license key file is in the folder with it and in Users\*\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter. I did input my key and such originally with beta 7.

First off.. love the separate texture sets. Thank you!

I know Beta 8 is brand spankin' new and hasn't had time to even marinate yet, but if you could add the ability to paint across multiple texture sets/seams, while still retaining the ability to lock out certain areas from being painted on, I'd be in heaven. The attachment shows what a typical texture setup for me looks like.

I work with figures that are used in Poser and Daz Studio, so textures are utilized completely different. Rather than having an entire figure on a single UV map/texture, the figure is split among several. This one, for example, is split into 8 different UVs.

I bought the standalone version of the indie pack from this site, and read that I could contact you guys to obtain Steam keys to get SP, SD, B2M and the 30PBR mats on there as well. I sent an inquiry about 3 days ago to sales using and was curious what the turnaround time would be, or if I even used the right method to begin with. lol

Thread I saw the info:,1366.0.html


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