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I have a question before I pull the trigger on this. I'm currently 3 months into the 9.99/mo upgrade from a previous version, and for my current usage/accumulated source credits, it might be cheaper for me to cancel and go with the $75 maintenance.

My current perpetual license for painter is for version 2017.4.2. If I choose the $75 maintenance for 1 year, let's assume without a 2nd year's renewal, will my 2017.4.2 revert back to the original version, or will it remain whatever version it is after the 1 year maintenance and retain all usability?

Title says it. Just how it says "owned", would also like to see whether it's already downloaded in my folder or not. Thanks.

I've been learning how to projection paint better lately, but I'm using a video series intended for Mari. It seems to have a handy feature where you can create masks per adjustment in it's adjustment stack. IE Layer 1 can have both color balance and hsv adjustments, but each adjustment can have their own black/white mask, while the layer itself can have even yet  it's own mask as well.

I'm not finding a way to add a mask to an adjustment in painter, and the only way I can think of pulling something like this off is to have a blank layer per adjustment to handle their own mask, but that could lead to a convoluted layer stack, and I'm not sure it'd even work properly. Any ideas?

With the painter version changes lately, I'm a bit confused about what versions of painter projects are compatible with.

Currently I have a project saved from 2017.2.0. What versions of painter will be able to open this file?

I started using the Export to Photoshop option since I'm working on something that requires layer preservation for the transparency; however, unlike the Export Textures option (which flattens the layers, even exporting to psd), there are no dilation options to control the padding, causing the map to look a little messy making it harder to distinguish seams.

I haven't fully tested to see if it's specific nodes or all of them, but when I try to input precise decimals, say .255, it will round up to .26 automatically. I don't remember this behaviour before. Is it a bug, intended, or a setting somewhere I've somehow changed? Using 6.0.2

I know you can import custom cameras with FBX files, but right now I just create textures using the built-in preview meshes. Is there a way to save/create camera location presets right within designer?

Is there some sort of a way to quickly toggle a connected node so you can easily see before/after (without/with) results? Mostly asking about nodes with connections on either sides. Single sided connections are a no-brainer to just connect/disconnect.

I'm following along with the Basics of creating MDL in Designer vid, and I noticed when it comes to the point of adding the microfacet_ggx_smith_bsdf node, there are two of them (this isn't the case in the video); there are also two of the vcavities_bsdf nodes. The only difference I see between the duplicates are in the URLs. One version has mdl:/mdl/df and the other has mdl:/mdl/std.

Does it make a difference which gets used?

I am both an Indie owner and a current Live subscriber. How can I go about taking advantage of the offer? Do I need to cancel my current sub and restart it under the new terms?

I've never really dove into SD until now, but I followed along with this dirty tiles tutorial:

Everything went smoothly and it works as expected in SD, but I'm having problems when it comes to exporting.

Left is exporting as a normal bitmap, right is if exporting layers to a PSD.

I know I can toggle the transparency in the 2D preview, but that doesn't help with the PSD exporting. Is there anything I need to do so PSD will export proper normals?

SD 4.6.2 through Steam

Pic says it all. Also, even though I'm logged in, the page title is "Access Denied". I'm on Win7 x64 using Chrome.

First I want to say good job on the new pricing model. Should help a lot more people get into the software who previously couldn't.

I noticed the new rent-to-own model gives beta access, do those of us who purchased the software outright already have beta access as well? If we already did all along, I had no idea. lol

If so, how do we find any beta versions?

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Substance Utils and Substance Player
 on: September 25, 2014, 11:19:20 pm 
From, if I have the indie pack (designer, painter, b2m), is there any reason to have the substance utils and substance player installed as well?

When using a stencil/texture, is there a way to keep the scale uniform regardless of viewport zoom or rotation? The only way I've found to achieve this is by using a fill layer, but that's not always ideal.

For instance, use a textured stencil, like backpack padding, or one of the scales, and start painting. If you zoom or rotate and paint the same area again, it overwrites it completely. I'd like to stop it from doing this. I'm assuming it has something to do with the way the stencil overlay works.

I've tried messing with the alignment and size space settings, but nothing so far has worked.

If this is by design, are there any tips for getting used to the mechanic? I'm used to Photoshop where the texture doesn't increase/decrease unless you change the brush size.

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