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You can from what my other half and I experimented with.

Open up the texture set settings and click on each uv tile and change the resolution. When I exported, I left the setting as "Based on each texture set's settings" and I was able to export udim tiles at various resolutions in a single export.


Yes, I have 2 year old perpetual versions of all software, which are separate from my current sub licenses, and I don't use designer. For my case, the maintenance is the cheaper option.

I have a question before I pull the trigger on this. I'm currently 3 months into the 9.99/mo upgrade from a previous version, and for my current usage/accumulated source credits, it might be cheaper for me to cancel and go with the $75 maintenance.

My current perpetual license for painter is for version 2017.4.2. If I choose the $75 maintenance for 1 year, let's assume without a 2nd year's renewal, will my 2017.4.2 revert back to the original version, or will it remain whatever version it is after the 1 year maintenance and retain all usability?

Title says it. Just how it says "owned", would also like to see whether it's already downloaded in my folder or not. Thanks.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: Licences after 12 months
 on: September 18, 2017, 05:40:51 pm 
Thanks for the clarifications. Exactly what I needed. :D

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: Licences after 12 months
 on: September 17, 2017, 09:58:22 pm 
I have a few questions about this. I understand that $49 will get you the whole package after the 12 months, now-

A) Does that include the following year's maintenance as well (assuming discontinuing the subscription), or is that a separate fee?

B) Does buying out the package and ending the monthly subscription allow use of built up source credits, or is access to source completely cut off regardless of a remaining credit balance?

If by chance you're stamping with a black/white image, instead of using a stencil, just put the same image in the alpha slot of the brush, click once and voila.

I've been learning how to projection paint better lately, but I'm using a video series intended for Mari. It seems to have a handy feature where you can create masks per adjustment in it's adjustment stack. IE Layer 1 can have both color balance and hsv adjustments, but each adjustment can have their own black/white mask, while the layer itself can have even yet  it's own mask as well.

I'm not finding a way to add a mask to an adjustment in painter, and the only way I can think of pulling something like this off is to have a blank layer per adjustment to handle their own mask, but that could lead to a convoluted layer stack, and I'm not sure it'd even work properly. Any ideas?

I'm bringing this back from the dead on account that Photoshop still has the best brushes. 3DC has horrible brushes. Painter doesn't have the best "stroke" capabilities either. It's great at stamping, obviously, but what about the strokes? Any 3D painting App going to jump on this?

Is there a way to bring the full functionality of a PS brush into Painter, not just it's alpha? Thanks.
What exactly are you looking for? There's an entire brush properties panel in painter with a follow stroke option. Lazy mouse can be turned on from the top bar as well.

Excellent. Thanks!

So then if I were to install SP2 Legacy, and save this project with that version, will it then be openable with all SP2 and 2017+ versions, or just 2.6.1 and 2017+?

With the painter version changes lately, I'm a bit confused about what versions of painter projects are compatible with.

Currently I have a project saved from 2017.2.0. What versions of painter will be able to open this file?

I'm curious to know this as well. Even setting dilation+transparent and setting the padding as low as 0-1, I still get a grey background. The only way I've been able to achieve a completely transparent background is by using the send to photoshop plugin.

I've seen this when the alpha blending is set on the entire object. What Allegorithmic has suggested in the past, is as stated above, create a new shader instance and set only the glass to the alpha blending shader, and then rest of the car to pbr-metal-rough.

-ignore this, I misread the post-

+1 though lol

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