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SP always tries to save to disk as "Substance". No extension or version info. It would be nice if the download would save to disk as SD does -- with version/build info and with proper extension.

I'm on Windows 7 64bit. Firefox(most current).

Is there an upgrade path from Substance Designer to Substance Pro Pack?

BTW, the upgrade link on Susbstance Painter links to the upgrade for Substance Designer.

Every time I install a point version of SD (like from 4.2 to 4.2.1) I lose all my custom Library paths.

This is annoying. I purchased B2M and I always have to make a custom Library path to point to it and all my other custom Substances.

There are many occasions when SP computation is running and there are no particles painting anything (or not much). The user needs an easy and explict way of stopping all particle simulation and painting.

Pressing the "esc" key is a time-honored method for programmers to give the end-user a "way out" of undesired and expensive computations.

Please implement the "esc" for any time-consuming calculations that the user would like to end before the computation completes.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - hilights in the UI
 on: March 16, 2014, 04:05:21 am 
Substance Painter applies a blue overlay on selected icons in the "Paint Materials" section (and others). This removes the whole point of seeing the feedback of colors/shaders/materials with which the artist is working.

The color shift doesn't indicate a clear selection, it just mutates the current selection's color.

A better solution is a highlight outline around icons(non-hue, non-obtrusive). Adding color shifts to selected UI elements is usually a bad technique within painting applications. The only UI elements which should have color are the swatches and colors of materials and paints. And those colors should not shift when they're selected.

I would like some kind of confirmation that my ticket was submitted. The dialog closed but I've gotten no confirmation in my email.

The Sample Color node crashes SD whenever I switch the input image index.


My Graph looks like this...

Bitmap -------------> Blend --> FX Map
Bitmap --> Levels___/

I set Global Opacity to "empty function".

My function graph looks like this...

Get Float 2 ( $pos ) -->  Sample Color --> Swizzle Float 1

I set "Swizzle Float 1" to "Set as Output Node".

I select the "Sample Color" node and change the index.

I can send you the scene if you like.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Python scripting
 on: February 06, 2013, 10:02:03 pm 
Python scripting to create nodes, set attrs and make connections between nodes, as well as baking.

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