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Hi, just having a bit of a noob moment regards getting meshes etc into SP2.
Basically, I was texturing the model from the Moodpack Medeival Knight helmet and some things seemed to be going wrong, so
I thought to test with simple meshes that I knew were ok.
I use Modo 902.sp3 and for some reason I cannot get SP2 to read the material assignments I make in the file.
eg I have 3 mats describing two rings and a body shape, admittedly just blank, that is no image maps etc but assigned as per modo.
If I use SP2 new project mesh, ringsculpt.lxo (modo's native format) it comes in, but with only one texture set LWOdefaultsurface.
Using fbx (from modo) is the same in that it has only one texture set default even though others exist in the file.

The only format I have had work is using obj exported from modo.

Has anyone had success using the native modo lxo format as import to SP2? If so how do you set it up?

Hi, for the life of me I cannot see where/how to setup the directories to get SP to access its library of items.
Unfortunately this will need some explanation.
I was running v1.3 with Win 10 and naturally there were issues. Updated to 1.5.7 and each time it boots up I have a huge list of unrecognised preset tools and there is nothing in the brushes, particles, tools, or smart materials shelf items.
Looking at the PC hard disk there are heaps of .sppr files in C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\resources\shelf\allegorithmic\presets\brushes. Same for tools etc..
The smart materials .spsm, seem to be in C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\resources\shelf\allegorithmic\smart materials, so I don't see why it won't see, or display them.
I have set the default directory in SP to C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\resources\shelf\allegorithmic. So I don't see why it can't see the items.

Normally I wouldn't like to have "user" files in the program directory structure.. and previously I did think it was actually set under users folders..
I cleaned all previous SP items from the PC, did a registry clean and afaik total fresh install of SP1.5.7. It has put the resources under the program files directory, there is no other "user" based directory setup anywhere on the PC that I can see.
Also, there is an issue loading the HAN project, if I double click it using File Explorer, when in the folder C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\resources\samples, it loads and works. (still no brushes though.)
If I have SP open and try to open the file, I get the error message - [Project management] The selected location 'C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/resources/samples/Hans.spp' isn't valid!
Why, it's the same darn file!!

It's driving me bloody mental.
Any help would be appreciated.
Gary B.

Hi, I wanted to post this to advise of, what I thought was weird behaviour.
Due to the issues of Substance Painter crashing on Win10 I wanted to download the latest version of SP.
I was going to download this at my home, but it's a big file and I don't have fast wireless access here, so I thought when I was in town I'd use my phone that has 4G+ access and plenty of data allocation.
Well, I logged into my account, went to downloads saw the SP license etc, but for the life of me I could not get the download icon to click to start the download. I tried getting the device to load a "desktop" page, load the website into a full browser. Whatever I tried it did not work. Every time it defaulted back to the mobile version of the website and this would not allow access to the download button. They were not displayed.
There seemed no way to click anything that would allow access to the download function that I know works with the desktop site version.

So, simply (unless there is still some gross user error) there is a problem, or perhaps deliberate block on accessing the downloading of SP or other software from my account on a mobile device.
Now, it may be deliberate, but I rely on having access through mobile devices to my account and associated programs... eg. I often download Modo updates and content from my account (The Foundry) with the phone or Surface-pro as I can get really fast downloads through the 4G network.

Any help would be appreciated.
Gary B.

Using the latest Substance plugin 2.0.1cb1c70f. Modo 901 (and really 801 sp4 as well) I cannot see where to change, if at all the file format for the textures generated by the bake to disk option. In B2M v3 standalone, there is an option to change the format, ie tga to jpg etc....
But in the plugin there is no ability to do this afaik.
Gary B.

(Really two questions here...)
Hi, I was trying to find the cost for me to upgrade from Substance Indie pack to Substance Live.
As I initially understood it earlier it seemed that if you owned all the indie products you are eligible to switch to Live? (There was a post I think saying to send an email??)
I have SD5 indie, SP indie, B2M2/3 pro, so I think I can "switch"... This was my original query, so if someone can help with actually how to do this that would be great and advise exactly what the costs may be.

The other thing was... when I was checking, the upgrade link that seems to say upgrade your Substance product in this case B2M3 pro to Substance Live pro, it shows the cost to do this at $899... I'm pretty sure that is an error??
Otherwise it seems that for me to change from indie to live you have to upgrade your indie products at a cost of,
SD5 indie to live - $149
SP indie to live   - $149
B2M3 pro to Substance live pro $899 --- ??
 At a cost of $1197 I don't think that is correct... as a new seat of Substance Live Pro is $990 and that would be for SD pro, SP pro and B2M pro..

Any help appreciated..

Hi, I have SD4 via the Indie pack and was wanting to update it to (preorder) SD5.
I've seen that there is a substantial discount for the preorder. $49.
I cannot see this come up when I put the order into my cart.
I've put an order in for what I think is the update (it shows it as Substance Designer 5 Indie) and the cost in the cart is $99. I didn't want to fully process the order until I get clarification of the process.

Gary B.

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