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Hi @Stahlwolle,
Thank you for the information.  :D We will work on reproducing this issue and will work on having a fix for this as soon as we can. You can also expect a bug fix release in the near future.

Hi @kirin_bee,
This is actually intended functionality. We currently only support 2018 and 2019 versions of 3ds Max. Options to install the plugin for each version will be available when the installer detects that either of these versions of 3ds Max is installed. In the case, that you do have either 3ds Max 2018 or 2019 installed and you are still seeing not seeing the options listed, please let us know.  :D


Hi @Stahlwolle,
I am sorry that this issue has occurred. I would be happy to help though!
Which third party interactive renderer were you using that caused this crash?
Would you be able to email me the Substance that you were using as a test case?
We will work on having this issue resolved as soon as possible!
Thank you for the feedback!


Hi @foglevel,
We are always happy to help!
Glad to hear that you were able to get it working and that you enjoying using the Substance tools!  :D

Hi @Vladimir Ivanov,
The generation mode cannot currently be set outside of the editor. Some of the settings need to be known when the project is packaged/cooked.

Currently, PS4 does not have cache support but the platforms listed do. Larger changes are coming that improve this.  :D


Many of the problems stated previously in this thread are still problems with the recent release for VRay users.

You still need to use a color correction on the reflection and reflection glossiness in order to get an accurate translation of metallic materials from substance to VRay material.

The plugin straight up doesn't work with VRay RT, or requires some manual setup that I'm unaware of. For me it just seems faster to author your material in Substance Designer, and use the PBR converter to export your texture set for VRay. This method works, but the advantage of having a substance in my 3DSMax scene is still something I want, however this plugin is more of an encumbrance than a solution.

Hi @conradsly,
Thank you for the feedback! Our goal is to make sure that using the plugin is a workflow advantage.
Regarding the color correction, I have added a ticket for this. We will be working on improving all workflows as well.  :D

Regarding Vray-RT, this is a known issue and Vray-RT is among the third-party renderers that we will be working to support in upcoming releases.

Thank you again for the feedback!

Hi @foglevel,
Thanks for the feedback! So I have one more step. :D
(Sorry again for the trouble, and as mentioned, this will hopefully and expected to be the last of it!)

So those messages mean that the original beta plugin did not get uninstalled. If you head to the following location, it should just be a matter of removing the old plugin manually.

<3ds Max Install Location>/Plugins/substancemax.dlt

Removing/deleting this should clear up the messages and will allow the new plugin to load without issue.

Keep us posted!  :D

Is distributed rendering supported with this version?

This version does not yet support distributed rendering but this is a high priority. You can expect support for this within either 1.1 or 1.2 versions of the plugin.  :D


Hi @foglevel,
I would be happy to help! I will also add a ticket in to make sure that we restore the default Substance files upon uninstall so that the original plugin does not break.  :)

The first step is to get max working back to a default state. If you have uninstalled all of the plugins and the updater (which it looks as though you have) first run the Substance updater which will restore the needed files for the initial plugin.

This can be found here.,14223.0.html

From here, 3ds Max should work as it had before installing the plugin. After this is confirmed, it should be as simple as running the new 1.0 plugin installer.

We also have updated the installer to prompt for uninstall but as it was not present in the original/beta uninstaller, for the first update, this will not be available. This process will be easier in the future.

Let me know if this helps and you are able to get it working.  :D

I don't know. To me, this plugin seems more like a late Alpha than a Beta. It's not going to be of any use to me.

Hi @foglevel,
Thank you for the feedback! We have been working to improve and the new 1.0.0 version is now available.

Regarding the issues with the button and the menu, the button is part of the legacy updater and that Substance to Vray script was designed for the legacy integration.

Within the new integration, all of the Substance automated workflows can be found within the Substance menu. There was an issue with this menu however where it was not appearing in various layouts of 3ds Max. This has been fixed with the new release and all workflows in the beta and new workflows are now available.

We would love to hear if this new release is more fitting for your workflow!  :D

Hello Everyone,
The new 1.0.0 version of the plugin is now available which is now out of a beta state.

Blog Post:

Download Link:

Release Notes:

We love feedback and if there is any way you believe the plugin could be improved or if there is a feature that would greatly improve your workflow, we would love to hear from you!  :D

Legacy Updater:
For those who are still using or would prefer to use the legacy Substance integration within 3ds Max, details and the download link for the legacy plugin updater can be found here:,14223.0.html

Hello @Carterpurify,
Seeing only 12 assets in the standard UE4 version is indeed an issue and we are working on to reproducing what you are seeing. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and we will have a solution for this as soon as we can.  :D


Hi @Gigasight Media,
This is the best place to get access to the plugin source. In the case you are using a standard version of the Unreal Engine from the launcher, the best way to get the plugin would be through the Unreal Marketplace.  :D

Hi Neil (@sneilltrooper),
If you send me an email, I can put together a package of the files for the beta plugin to install manually if this will help.  :D


This compatability release for UE4.19.0

Download Link:

This update is now available through the UE4 Marketplace. Alternatively, the most recent version of the plugin source can be downloaded from the link above.

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