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Indeed you can! =D
When you import an sbsar file, it creates an instance factory and by default, it creates one graph instance with its material and output textures. You can edit this instance anyway you would like and when you need another, all you need to do is right click on the instance factory and create another graph instance.

Hello Andrew,
Awesome video and thank you for sharing! So I believe I have a solution to what you are trying to achieve. A feature in the Unreal Engine integration is being able to set the generation mode in the editor for any given substance instance factory. If you were to set this to SGM_Baked, when you cook your content for a packaged build, it will not save/package all of the extra overhead and the instance becomes frozen. This will only use the texture data and material at runtime making substances that are heavy duty in the editor more game ready. This does prevent a substance from being able to be updated at runtime but if you were going to bake the textures out, this wouldn't be possible anyway.

As for recreating your script, whenever you import an sbsar file into UE4, it creates a material by default, if you chose to do so. As long as your logic is mostly on the substance side, there will not be any additional setup required for material creation.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. =)

Indeed it is. We will have the fix released as soon we can. =)

Hello, Jacord!
I can confirm that Wes is correct and that this is indeed a compression issue. As Wes mentioned, this will be fixed in an upcoming release. I loaded up your example asset and have included screenshots of the new results below.

Updates are now live on the UE4 marketplace.

And what about the unreal marketplace version?

Hi Roger,
We will be updating the marketplace plugin as soon as possible. I will update as soon as it becomes available. =)

Hey All!

An updated fix has been pushed to Github!

Thanks Dan! I will try it out tonight! (9AM here in Prague).

Hello, How can I find it in Github? Can you help please?

Hello Bayhan,
The Github link is

This is a fork of Unreal Engine so you will have to have access to Epics Github on your Github account.

Hey All!

An updated fix has been pushed to Github!

Hello All,
We are looking into these issues now. We are hoping to have a hotfix available before the end of today. =) I will update as soon as it becomes available.

I'm just trying Substance Plugin for UE 4.14 and I can load substances but when I'm trying to modify parameters nothing happens. It's not updating
In 4.13 works perfectly

Hi Roger,
Are you on Windows, Mac or PC? Is this with all loaded substance assets or just certain ones?

Hello Phrixus,

We are aware of this limitation within the UE4 integration. We are currently working on a new and improved version of the plugin that will support BC4/BC5 texture compression. This will also allow us to start exposing more options directly through UE4.

Thank you for the feedback!  :)

Hey Trackworks,
I am assuming this is actually a texture compression issue. When you increase the texture resolution of a substance, does this improve the result?

There will be changes to the UE4 integration in the upcoming releases that should solve this issue. =)

Hello All,

The Substance Plugin has been updated and released on GitHub. The Marketplace plugin should be updated soon, so keep your eyes open!
Github Link:
If you have 404 errors using Github:

This release is meant to be compatible with 4.12.5

Change List:
[Blueprint] Added blueprint node to return the name of a substance graph instance
[Blueprint] Added blueprint node to return the name of the parent factory of a graph instance
[Editor] Added editor thumbnail icon for Substance Instance Factory objects in the content browser
[Editor] Added editor thumbnail icon for Substance Graph Instance objects in the content browser
[Bug Fix] When no roughness or metallic textures are in use, materials will now apply specular textures if available.
[Bug Fix] Fixed occasional crash on packaged builds

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