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Hi Saffron,

I answered in you other post.
Please try to avoid doing several posts for the same topic, especially as posting on older unrelated threads can be a bit confusing :)

Content - Substance Source - Re: cant download
 on: December 14, 2020, 01:52:27 pm 
Hi Saffron,

As described on the Steam page, Substance Source downloads are not included in the Steam offer as on Steam you can only purchase individual tools.
Source downloads are only offered in the Substance subscription.

If you need downloads points the only option would be to get a subscription for one month to get 30 downloads.
You can unsuscribe before the month is over so you are sure not to get charged for a new month, and you can use your download points even after you have unsubscribed

Hi Rubinoross,

Are you connected with your Substance account? I can see you have 678 points in there.
If you are connected with your Adobe account you  xon't see the points you aquired with your Substance account, as the accounts are not linked.

Hi Milan,
Those files are only for Painter!
They are materials which take into account the specificity of a mesh

Content - Substance Source - Re: Failed to decode Substance
 on: December 03, 2020, 12:21:28 pm 

These materials were created in a version of Substance Designer using features which did not exist two years ago at the moment of the release of the version of Painter you are using.

Do you have the possibility to upgrade the version of Painter you are using as you have access to the latest version with your subscription?

In case you can't upgrade you could export the maps of the materials you like using the latest version of the free Substance Player and use directly the texture maps. You would lose the procedural element from the materials, but you would be able to tweak the parameters in the player before so you have exactly the result you want


It means that in the perpetual licences, there are no points included for Substance Source (with the subscription you have 30 points per month).
You will of course be able to download the free assets and use any points you already have if you have some, but you won't get any new points with the steam version.

Hi Corentin,

Yes, after you unsubscribe the unused points will still be usable whenever you want, and you will of course still be able to download your already owned assets

Content - Substance Source - Re: How to load example preset?
 on: November 24, 2020, 12:16:56 pm 
Hi Josh,

I think that the Substance integration in C4D does not support the presets.
As the presets are just pre set parameters of the exposed parameters, what you can do is open the 3D player for the material you like on your prefered preset, look at the values for each exposed parameter, an apply the same values in C4D.
You can also export the maps in the Substance player on your prefered preset and import those in C4D, but you would loose the advantage of the material being procedural.


We have a "Normal Blend Format" and "Normal Blend Intensity" in order to do some independents adjustements on the filter's normal, for example if you wish to turn down the intensity on the filter only you can do it with the "Normal Blend Intensity".
However, the two normals (the wood one and the filter one) are blended together before the normal output. If you take a look at the graph you can see a "Normal Invert" node before the output, and it will invert the overall normal map. That way you don't need to worry about the actual "Normal Blend Format". The normal output will be correct with the normal format you specified your project to work with.

This topic has been moved to Discussions as it had to do with a feature from the Substance launcher.

In your account i can see you have 583 points available.
Are you sure you are logged in with the right Substance account, linked to the same email address you used on the forum for example?

I can't download any material in the source because it says my account has 0 points. But I almost never used substance Source in 28 consecutive months. I imagine I should theorically have many points but I'm not sure if I'm missing something I have to do to activate them? I just wanted to try one of the decals nothing else.

When I look into you account I see you have 583 points available.
Are you sure you are logged in with the same (Substance) account you have your subscription on?
Please don't use the Adobe login as the account is not the same :)


Have you downloaded the Substance launcher?
When it is open, that Painter is open too and that you are properly logged in, you should see a "send to substance painter" icon appear on the materials in the Substance Source tab.

It works exactly as the Source in Painter integration used to work, and the materials will be added to your shelf

Hi Jamie,

This is a special material, which can oly appear as expected if the MDL is used. You can't replicate it with the Principled BSDF. However you can reconstruct the MDL shader in Cycles.
The sbs file is available on Source, you can open it in Designer and replicate the operations in the same context.

Content - Substance Source - Re: substance source
 on: October 23, 2020, 04:37:38 pm 
Hi harulight,

For this material like for the majority of assets on Substance Source, the sbs is available.
You can open it in Substance Designer and change the pattern to add the one you like

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