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Glad you found a solution!
I'll try to see what causes that issue when using the SSE2 engine

At the moment Arnold is used for the renders.
For the real time viewer it is not as precise in terms of tiling and displacement, the light is not the same and we had to make compromises to have a good performance when tweaking parameters so the quality is of course not as great.
But if you do ray tracing renders on your side you should be able to get the same level of quality as you see on the Source render!


I am not able to reproduce the dark spot you have on the "Cotton Linen Twill Jeans" material xhile opening it in the Substance player.
Have you applied modifications/done some tweaks to the material before the sport appeared, or is it present all the time?
Could you let me know which version of the Substance player you are using?

I imported it as an alpha with the same result

I'm not sure to understant what you are saying. Did you try to import it both as a base material and as an alpha with the same result?

We are not able to reproduce the issue, on our side it works correctly when imported as a base material.

Could you please send a picture of what it looks like in the 3D viewport when you try to apply it on a mesh?

In the version of SP we tested on (2020.1.0) it seemed to work properly both in the previews and in the viewport.

Do you have the possibility to update to the latest version if that is not the case yet?

Or did you import the decal as a "base material" in Painter?


Could you let me know which version of Painter you are currently using?

I've shared your message with my colleagues from the unreal integration team.

In the meantime to be able to use those materials with their actual color you could use the Substance Player (which you can download for free

Once the material of your choice is imported you can export the base color, and import it manually in Unreal. Then you can plug it into the base color in place of the diffuse, and you shoud be back to having the original colors to the materials

Hi Oscar,

It is normal that the diffuse map is black as it is made to be used with the specular and glossiness maps.

You want to be plugging the Base Color map as the base color instead of the diffuse!

I was using the Substance Launcher because the Substance Source in Painter wasn't working.
But now I am unable to use both.

My workaround right now is to download the sbsar and then import that into Substance Painter

Would you be able to export the log from the launcher?
So my colleagues from the launcher team can check what's wrong

I have been experiencing the same problem, but using Substance Source instead opens up a new Substance Painter tab on each material downloaded.
I'm using the latest versions of both Substance Painter and Source.

Are you sing the Substance Source in Painter native integration?
As is is not supported anymore beacause it has been replaced with the Sunstance launcher, there won't be fixes added to the integration.
However by using the substance launcher you'll have access to the same functionalities (you can add materials directly to your shelf in Painter as you did with the previsous integration) and you'll have access to more functionalities, like the new asset types and the collections.

Content - Substance Source - Re: Substance and Lumion
 on: July 02, 2020, 05:38:03 pm 
Hi Steve,

The solution for your problem is the Substance Player.
It is a free tool which you can download here:

Once you've downloaded the tool, you will be able to import the .sbsars from your choice that you've downloaded from Source.
You can export the different maps directly to .jpegs, but you can customise them before if you want to:

1) & 2) In most of the materials (except some older ones) presets have been created. Those are ready-made customizations of the materials, and can help modify the material to a different look quickly and in a coherent way.

3) In materials, especially procedurally created materials, some parameters have been exposed. This allows you to change the color of the material, the size of the fabric mesh etc. so it looks exactly as you want it to. All parameters are custom to the material.

4) Once the material has the look that you want, you can export the material maps you need to import in Lumion, in the size you desire.

There is one additional very interesting possibility for the procedural materials: the random seed. It allows to have a new variation of the material but using the same parameters, allowing to get more diversity.

Let me know if things work for you or if you have additional questions!

Content - Substance Source - How to report an issue?
 on: June 29, 2020, 03:33:47 pm 
Our team is screening the forum on a daily basis, and we do our best to help you.

In order to get help in an efficient manner, please let us know this information:
  • Are you having issues with the Substance Source web platform, the Launcher integration, an integration in Unity or Unreal?Something else?
  • If using the web platform, which version of which browser on which OS are you using?
  • Do you have any steps we could reproduce to have the same error you have encountered? Knowing this will help us fix the problem quicker.
  • If possible attach a screenshot of the issue.

If you are having issues specific to your account (like points missing or login issues) it would be better to contact as we will be able to discuss your personal account issues in more detail.

Please don't create duplicate threads and/or ask the same questions in different threads. If you want to add more information, you can add a new message in the first thread you have created.
Don't post in very old threads (older than a year for example), as often the issue is not the same as the previous one.

Thank you!

Hi Denis,

Thank you for updating with the fix you found!
Let me know if you run into another issue

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