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I loaded up the file and went straight to the Normal+Height+Mesh and get:

Have you tried to uninstall Painter and load an older version? Did this only start happening with 2018.2.3 ?

If you go into your account:

You can click on Licenses, then under the current build you'll see All Builds. This would at least pin point if it's a Build related issue.

You should also generate a log file under Help -> Support -> Export Log and there is the report bug feature too.

I cannot replicate your issue even by loading the same file without making changes that you're having an issue with.

See this thread as well:,22451.0.html

This might be a wild shot, but maybe it's happening because you're using an internal graphics card that isn't good enough? Of course this would be negated if you only started having this issue now, but not prior.

What are you full system specs?

Can you upload your project file? I still cannot replicate your problem.

I made a cube, uv-unwrapped it. Loaded it into Painter, baked low as high, and painted on the normal with zero problems.

Are you making your normal from baking, or loading the normal from another source? Are your UVs correct?

I'm unable to replicate the problem. Maybe upload the painter file so we can see.

Unless this is a non-windows issue???

Doesn't he include those materials with the course...? I'm not willing to buy the tutorial to find out, but for all I know he created them from scratch. The tutorial says: Procedural wood substance for texturing is included.

Either way, he has a forum if you paid for the Tutorial just ask for help there:

Best of luck!  :)

Have you checked to see your GPU / CPU / Memory usage during use?

Is there a reason you're using an older version than 2018.2.3 ?

I am really sorry, my bad, I am using 2018. I was sleepy when I wrote this. I can see some people asking where is x material, where is y material. Why it is like this? I am new user of substance. Still need to learn a lot of things. If each version missing something then what is the best version?

If you load up the program you'll be prompted with the latest update if you're using an older version, otherwise you can login to your account on: then licenses and download the latest version.

I checked both Substance Painter and Designer, there is no "Wood Fiber 1 & 2" but there is Fiber 1 & 2:

Can you link this tutorial you're viewing?

I have no idea why this hasn't been added, but it's been requested forever...

The only work around is to have another application on a second monitor that allows HEX input for example, then use the color picker to take the color once entered... Pain in the butt.... Only thing I could think of as a work around.

Is there a reason you're using an older version than 2018.2.3 ?

I don't use Maya, but look at the below:

This should be your answer.

So on your high poly you have:

But it doesn't contain hard edges:

But when I look at your low poly I see that you've marked the edges as SHARP making them not smoothed:

The low poly also exceeds your high by a bit as well. When I remove the SHARP marketing and bake it, I get this:

I only removed the sharp parts from the front, if you look at the other sections you'll see the issue still:

If you want the edges to be sharp and solid without smoothing, make sure you add the appropriate edge loops to the high poly version. If you have a smoothed edge in your high, you cannot expect it to look hard on the low poly will trying to force sharp edges.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: UDIM or Texel Density??
 on: November 11, 2018, 09:46:31 pm 
You shouldn't be going for UDIMs without good reason in the game industry due to high memory and draw call usage... In the movie industry you will see UDIMs used a lot more for scenes.

I always opt for high res maps if I need with the correct density.

With the advance in tech people might already be moving over to UDIM only workflows for models... but until I know my consumers have the hardware I wont do it.

Without seeing both the files for each version I cannot tell you anything beyond the following:

- The low poly isn't fitting with the high
- Not enough geometry
- UV issue (seams)

Can you upload the low and high?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Black Diffuse texture.
 on: November 10, 2018, 09:26:12 pm 
You're going to want to use the workflow which matches the shaders you're using in relation to your visual style for the target engine.

Without seeing the file I cannot help as I have zero idea what you've set up.

Best of luck.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Black Diffuse texture.
 on: November 10, 2018, 08:33:07 pm 
What workflow is this? I only see Diffuse, Spec, and Normal???

What are you channel settings? What is each map set to?

What are your export settings?

When you click each map on the right window does it show black under Diffuse?

If you send me your file I can most likely figure this out much faster for you.

You cannot paint across UDIMs in Substance Painter. You have to use different texture sets.

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