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The API tell will "Get the list of All resources..." and " All resources used.....",but I can`t get the "Environment Map" file??
what`s wrong~~!!!!!!

<static> documentResources()
Get the list of all resources used to texture the opened project. This includes mesh maps of all texture sets and all resources used inside layer stacks.

If no project is opened.
alg.resources.ResourcesError ...

I want to export to other software to support the (RGBA)Channel..But i found the spexp file too hardly understand ....

channelSrc   mapId      mapIdType   )DataExportChannel
channelSrc   mapId      mapIdType   ŠDataExportChannel
channelSrc   mapId   @   mapIdType   ëDataExportChannel
channelSrc   mapId      mapIdType   path   RGB Alphauid ouid n

Have any help document about this???
Thank you.....

How can i use the script get the "DISPLAY SETTINGS"-"Environment Map" path?
Thank you!

Hi,If i change the shelfPath equal to other Resource folder path,I can  get all the  files ...But "export-presets" can`t.......why??I want get all the"spexp"files,what should i do??

I use the Code like this:
Thank you!!!

The QT Creator report:"import Painter 1.0  QML module not found(Painter)."
How can i find the QML module..Thank you:)!

The Substance Designer have SDK??I want to writer some plugin for Substance Designer.
I talk about it`s not about the "Substance  ToolKit".
How can I get the SDK?
Thank you?

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