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Really need an answer to this, trying to work with Substance Designer on a small SSD for Windows is basically impossible now, the C drive fills up during the rendering process until the program crashes.

After the latest update I noticed my C drive (a small SSD used primarily for windows) was filling up rapidly. I noticed the cached_surfaces folder located in C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Temp\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\ folder was a whopping 11.5 gb. Is it possible to move the location of this cache directory to a drive with more space?

Yep, they appear to be back up now, thanks!

Not sure if it's just me, but both Share and Source are timing out when I try to open them, all other sites including the allegorithmic main page are functioning normally.

I am unable to make 2017.2 retain 3D view settings. Specifically I want it to retain Tessellation over Parallax, my Tessellation Factor, and my Height Scale settings. I have saved the settings as default, and also exported the settings to a new file, linking my project 3D viewer settings to the file manually with no success. Opening the .sbsscn file shows that the information is being written correctly:


However Designer simply doesn't appear to be using the state file, it defaults to original settings upon each open or file reload. Help?

Hi, I'm curious as to how one rotates a procedural smart material within painter. For example, if I'm working on plank floor texture and a smart material that I apply has wood grain running perpendicular to the planks, is there not a way to rotate the smart material projection without actually manipulating the UV's? UV rotation doesn't seem to do anything, I tried setting 90 degree UV rotation on all the smart material's individual layers to no avail. Thanks!

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