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It is located under your general screen. The 2D export feature isn't an editable template.

Yea, I use Blender for most of my examples because the vast majority on here who ask questions use it. It isn't something I use for production or personal work.

For the one that is separate you would need another UV channel and apply the AO. Render both out and it should work. The question is do you feel this is worth the trouble or not in time and resources?

Hard to help without seeing more. Maybe share your files. If you do PM me.

Mixture of adjusting the hardness, adding a blur and sharpen and maybe levels as needed. Assuming you have enough margin and density.

I've wrote up a few posts on this so you'll have to search a bit more. There are certain cases you can stack and not have the AO messed up (if a piece is symmetrical you can get away with it). Otherwise there is a method where you use a second UV channel just for the AO.

Can you upload the cube which doesn't load?

Add a filter like HSL, otherwise you and try feeding the extracted alpha into a mask and using a fill.

Great job! Glad you figured out a solution.  :)

Photoshop handles PNGs differently for transparency, you might want to use SuperPNG otherwise extract from the layer. Another solution is to just export out a Mask from Painter directly that indicates the difference between your shells and use that.

Make sure your high and low match up well enough, and adjust your ray distance some more. If it wont work then this is where using a cage comes in handy.

I would just make Folders within my Layer stack and toggle as needed. On Export I would make a new folder within the Root per variation.

Otherwise you can make texture sets on the fly as needed by adding them and re-importing your low poly under your project config, but I would still go with option 1.

You'll want to increase your UV shells and have them occupy more space.

Some quick links on it.

Also, for baking the ID if you use a material fill use Material and not Mesh ID/Polygroup.

Good morning,
Do you have any news?

I'll have something for you later today.  :)
Ok! Thank you :)

One of your issues is your texel density. Since these maps are resolution dependent you want enough texel density.

My above example still might not be enough for such a piece. Also the unwrap could be much better, I used an auto for this example due to time. You want good manual unwraps that utilize your space.

Apart from that I would manually assign material ids with fills to the parts you need split, then make sure you're baking each part by mesh name properly to avoid bleed through due to rays hitting other parts during the bake.

So you want:



Good morning,
Do you have any news?

I'll have something for you later today.  :)

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