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I found something really bizarre when I try to change any parameter in a substance file (sbsar) I did with Corona render in 3Ds Max 2020!!!
when I try to change a color for example it changes just perfectly inside materials slot except the final one which is Corona Material, the changes also appear normal inside the view port of Max, but when I render the scene (not using IPR and with IPR) nothing's seems to be changed at all!!!
it remains at the same parameter as when I uploaded that sbsar file?
I will attach some images and they will show that clearly.

what maybe cause that, or is it a bug in Substance Plugin with Corona renderer?
I tried so many times with even manually connected all the inputs and outputs together and nothing's worked!!

any idea?
Thank you.

wooow, just amazing, I will never thought to use FX-Map for making this tile, I really thank you a lot for the time making this one...

I tried several way to make it, and it was a very very long process to approach a good result, but that was really useless after all making lots and lots of nodes to make this tile and yet not totally perfect.

It will be great to see this tile as a node in SD library  ;D

Thanks again Nicolas

This tile seems to be easy at the first look, but when I come to do it in designer it took me a very long way to approach that shape...
is there a good way to build this tile?

Thank you

When I save, MAX will make mistakes.  [Application on err error has occurred and the application will now cloes ]

At the same time, it can not be converted into redshift material.     
[unknown property:'flip Y' in redshift_bump_map:redshift bump Map]

this is exactly what happens to me every time when trying to use this plugin with Redshift in 3Ds Max 2018  :(

Hello Keston
Thank you for your reply...

well, I've been playing around since that day and I've found the response of changing resolution isn't the main case, I gave it some time when I try to change from 4K to 2K but still not changing when I bake them out.
also, sometimes base color or diffuse turn to be totally black when I bake them out as well as the normal map, it happens but not quit often.

for the Substance Menu, I did change work space to default standard layout but still couldn't manage to show it off... I look at it in the customize but nothing in there as well!


The new substance2 plugin for 3Ds Max 2018 is really fantastic, I've been playing with it so far but I noticed something wrong with bake outputs...

I have a GeForce GTX 1060, so it always come to me up to 8K baking resolution, but when I try to bake at for example 2K it works great at the first time. however, when I try to bake at 4K in the next time I still got maps with 2K resolution instead of 4K!!! I have to re-bake again couple of times to get 4K maps and so on...

the second thing, I couldn't get my substance menu up there in 3Ds Max, I don't know why, I even go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Menus
but still couldn't find it there, because it's the only way to do substance to VRay, right?

Thank you so much again for this great plugin

here's a very simple one... this message appear with all objects I imported into substance painter, not only this on...

Thank you for quick reply.

 I have this little message appears whenever I open any objects in Substance Painter 1017.3:
"no object detected to attach a new mesh instance"

I tried several meshes with different objects but the same thing happened and I wonder why???

here's an attachment for that message

Thank you so much
It worked with me pretty well, I really appreciate that.

I was wondering if there is a way to generate a colored procedural layer such as in MARI, you only have to create a procedural layer and then pick any colors you want for that.
I do love SP very much, very powerful and super quick. I've been only wondering if it was a procedural layer when you can only pick between two colors or maybe more.

for me, if I want to create something like a cow skin (but of course not in black and white) with colors like blue and yellow for example, I have to create a fill layer with blue then above that layer I will create another fill layer but this time with yellow, add a mask to that yellow fill layer, then add a fill to that mask with the procedural noise for example. in this way I can create a colored procedural layer.

Is there another or an easy way to do that other than that? they mentioned gradient filter but I couldn't figure out how to do it!!!

Thank you.

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