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Hi Ali_2,

Go to your 3Dview and select 'Materials'->'Default'->'Definition'->'physically_metallic_roughness' and select Tesselation.
Here you can change tesselation factor and scale.

You should also check that you specified the usage of your output for your height.
Double click on your height output. If 'usage' part is empty, click on 'Add item' and select 'height'.
In your 2D view, click right and select 'view outputs in 3Dview' to apply all your outputs on the 3D mesh.


I sent you a PM for more info.


It's probably a problem with the position of your lights.
Did you try to reset your light and your scene ?
Go to your 3D view, 'lights' and click on 'reset'. 
Do the same thing in 'scene'.

If you still have the same issue, we will investigate ;)

FBX SDK 2017 is supported since Designer 5.5.0.
So if you work on a previous version of Designer, export your meshes using FBX 2015 or export in .obj.

Cory McG is right.
You can't blend a grayscale filter with a color filter.
Use a gradient map to switch grayscale filters to color.

Hi Jamlewisiii,

Which version of Designer do you use ?
Can you send us your high and low poly ?

Hi bmays151,

Can you show us your two normal maps (from Painter and the result you get in Designer) in order to compare them ?



Did you export in .obj or .FBX ?
If it's .FBX, which version ?
Can you send us your meshes ?



We reproduced it and we will fix it in our next release.
Thanks for your report.

Kind regards.

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