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It replaces the source color by the one you want.
So your first idea was good but with a uniform color you can optimize your graph by decreasing the resolution to 16*16. You will save computation time this way.

And I tried to reproduce the same setup as yours and I found why you get such result.
You want to replace white parts by yellow. Your input has no white parts but very light gray parts, that's why you get
a color shift.
To solve this :
- Go into the replace color node
- choose the color picker tool
- pick one of the light part
You should get the correct result.



I think there is an easier way to do what you want.
As you can see on the image below, you can use a blend node to fill white parts with a uniform color.
You can see the setup for a input color (bottom left) and the one for input grayscale (bottom right). You just have to the one you need :)


You are using a wrong command, try : $ substancedesigner
Then check you have substancedesigner in /usr/local/bin


First, try to install libxkbcommon and libxkbcommon-x11.
Then try install Designer.

If it doesn't work and since you were able to launch Designer 2019.1.0, try to install Designer 2019.1.1 using --nodeps.

Thanks !

You're welcome !

And yes, it's a bit tricky because you have to reinstall a previous version that's why we are working hard to release the bug fix quickly.
Regarding the BnW_3, this node is probably used by another one. For example the grunge map 007 is made with several Clouds and Dirt noises, so when the updater is launched, it also updates what's inside the nodes you used in your graph.


Do you know if you have .obj files resources in your project ?
Because there is an issue with .obj file loading so if you have this kind of files in your project, it won't be opened.

We made a fix for this, it will be available in the bug fix. (we do our best to release it quickly)

But until we release the bug fix, here is a workaround : open your project in a previous Designer version, delete all .obj resources, save the graph, open it into 2019 and re import your .obj files.
(Re importing your .obj might cause a crash. If your are in this case, you will have to wait for the fix)

If you don't have any resources in your graph, please send me your project, I will need to investigate.

Thanks !


According to version number and the splashscreen, you are using Designer 2018.3.
Alchemist seems to export a format compatible with the last version of Designer (Designer 2019.1.0) that's why you can't open it in a previous version.
I will contact you by PM, I would like to try something with your sbs.

Thanks ! 


There are two Library folders, this is the one into Users->[User_name] (then Library->Applications Support->Allegorithmic->Substance Designer)

And yes, other 'simple' nodes work fine but this one needs lot of resources to compute and it seems low/mid end graphic don't have enough capacity to handle it. This is the same for the shape extrude node.

Hi all,

Ejahn002 you said you are using Designer on Mac so I tested on one of our Mac and it seems the shape splatter doesn't work on Mac that has a mid/low end graphic card.
I need your log file to check but I think this node stays black because Designer has not enough resources to compute.

If you want me to check, your log file should be here : 
Library > Application Support > Allegorithmic > Substance Designer



We need to know on which OS you are and which version of Designer you are trying to use.
A log file should be available here, we will need it to investigate :
- for Windows :
C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer
- for Linux
~/.local/share/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/databases/thumbs.sqlite
- for Mac
Library > Application Support > Allegorithmic > Substance Designer



This problem is difficult to solve without checking the sbs, so can you send me your project please ? (using private message if you prefer)

If you use external files like bitmaps, other sbs/sbsar,...don't forget to use the option "export with dependencies" (right click on your package -> export with dependencies)


Hi CodeRunner,

We are working on a fix for this crash !

Thanks for your help !

Hi CodeRunner,

I tested to copy/paste drop down list and yes, there is an issue but this is "only" a display problem.
Values are copied but there are not displayed correctly.
If, after pasting your parameter, you click somewhere else in order to display something else in this menu then go back to graph attribute, you should see all the values.

It's reported to dev team and we will do our best to fix this quickly.

Thanks for your help ! :)


We tested those files and it works for us.
Can you check the size of the files ?
Did you try to re-download them ?
Can you try to open them in Player ? (you can download it here and it's free :
Can you send me one of those file (using private message) ?
Can you give me the version of Painter you are using, please ?


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