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Hi Paul,

I tried what you did and I can reproduce the crash.
It will be reported to the team, we will do our best to fix in the next version.

Thanks !


We need your log file to help you.
You will find it here : C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer.

But just based on the screenshot, I think you should check if your graphic card driver is up to date.

Thanks ! 


According to your first screenshot I would say your mesh seems to be not tessellated enough, that would explain why it works on the plane.
But It would be easier to help if I had your mesh. Don't hesitate to send it if you think your mesh is already tessellated enough !

Thanks !


I tested with Designer 2018.3.4 an Designer 2019.1.2 and I can't get this error so which version of Designer are you using ?
Can you try this :
- double click on the color node
- in type modifier parameter switch for uniform instead of auto
Can you export this way ?

If you still can't, please send me your graph (using private message if you prefer)

Thanks !


This is a known problem and it will be fixed in the next bug fix.

Thanks !


If you want to save modifications made on your parameters in a preset, you have to pin all parameters you want to modify.
Changes made on a non pin parameter are not saved.
Here is a gif that shows how to pin and save 

Hi Cirkirk,

If there is no crash report when you relaunch Designer it probably means (as NevTD said) that Windows kills Designer.
Is it possible for you to send me your meshes (by private message)
We would like to run tests and see if we can find a fix (or at least the reason of this crash)

Thanks !


Sorry for the late answer.
We know we have an issue with some specific set up in 3D view.
Can you go into this folder : C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer  and check if you have the file named : user_view3d_settings.sbsscn
If yes, cut and paste it in another folder than this one.
Now try to launch Designer. Do you still have a crash ?

Thanks !


I sent you a private message for more informations.

Thanks !


I think I already answered you via our bug report system but it can be useful for other users.
The problem comes from outdated graphic card driver.
An update of the driver should fix this problem.


According to the message, Designer cannot find output to cook.
[ERROR][SBSCooker]Cannot find outputs to cook
[ERROR][SBSCooker]Cooking fail [Error 13]

Can you check you have outputs in your graph like on the picture below ?

If you have outputs, double click on the background of the graph to display its attributes and check the option 'output(s) computation' is set to true. If not, change the option for true and try to publish.
Without your file I won't be able to help more so don't hesitate to share your project if you want someone to take a look.



Yes, there is a limit but it depends on your hardware, mesh quality and size and the baker you use.
In your case, since it's a crash, I recommend you to send a crash report.
This way we will get all informations to help you.


Hi Tendercrisp,

It seems there is no log file attached in your last message :)
Since it's a crash, can you send a crash report ?
Our crash reporter sends a very useful file called callstack witch is a sort of screenshot of what Designer was doing when it stopped.
This is for us, the only way to investigate correctly on a crash and there is no way to get this file except to use the crash report system.
All you have to do is to fill the description field with something like : 'problem already reported on the forum' this way I will know it's you.
And use a valid mail address if you want me to be able to answer you ! :)

Thanks !


According to your log file it seems your graphic card has outdated driver. It means Designer can't use it to open your graphs.
Try to update your graphic card driver, it should solve your problem.
It's available here if you want :


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