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Content - Substance Source - Re: Protected
 on: March 25, 2021, 05:20:21 pm 
I'm seeing the "PROTECTED" issue also. If I click to download, it spins forever and never completes. I have plenty of credits available.

Thanks for this, it was helpful.

In case it assists others, I plunked around way too long trying the setting. It's in the Menu 'Substance' under 'Substance Settings'. I know, duh, but I looked all over VRay and other places and wasted too much time.

I've posted an image to help.

This might be better addressed with Autodesk or Chaos Group and I will, but I wanted to see if anyone is having a LAG in Max 2020.2 when using a 'Substance2' material with VRay Next?

I create a plane object.
I create a Substance2.
I attach a generic fabric .sbsar.
I use the script to generate a VRay material.
I drag it to the plane.

Instantly, my scene is massively lagged. Just disabling or enabling the checkmark for say, the 'bump' parameter takes 15-seconds. Anything I touch takes 10-15 seconds or longer. If I now drag a standard VRay Mtl to the plane, all is well.

Did you ever find out how to uninstall the plugin? I used the plugin's uninstaller and I still have the Menu Item. I want to completely manually uninstall it and reinstall.

If anyone knows how to manually uninstall the plugin from Max please let me know.

I installed Corona 3 a couple of days ago. The Substance Plugin now gives the following error when I click "Substance to Corona":

"-- Type error: Call needs function or class got:0"

Does this sound like it's a problem due to the Corona update or does this mean I may have an unrelated issue?

After installing the Max Integration in Max 2019 I have a menu item 'Substance'. However, it's empty. If I go to 'Customize User Interface' and then to 'Menus' and change the order of any one of the menu items, then it will populate the 'Substance' menu when back in Max. However, it will now throw errors and not work when converting 'Substance to Corona' for instance.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the integration 5 or 6 times over a month and nothing will correct this.

Anyone else having this issue?

I'm having the same problem in Max 2019

-- Unknown property: "reference" in SubAnim:Map__2138626081___CoronaTriplanar

I'm having issues with the Summer 2018 release on my Windows 10 install. It never stops generating thumbnails and stalls. I can't work at all.

The 'shelf' is installed in the default location in my Documents folder. I installed the main program on my D: drive as it is an SSD.

I've deleted the 'previews' folder to force regeneration of the thumbnails. No help. Every time I switch to a different tab in the shelf, the generation begins again.

Any suggestions?

I think I've just solved my own issue. Seems to always happen after struggling for a few hours and then

I uninstalled and reinstalled. I noticed that when I install, the installer puts the plugin for both Max 2018 and 2019 in the 'plugins' folder for both Max versions. I manually deleted the 2018 version from the Max 2019 folder and visa-versa.

Now things work well if I disable 'Displacement' in the final Corona node for each material. The objects are not scaled.

I hope this helps someone with the same issue.

I'm using Max 2019 (21.0- and the latest Substance Integration (can't seem to find version info) downloaded yesterday (5/13/18).

Every material that I apply to an object changes the size or scale of the object. If I disable 'Displacement' in the final Max material node it does not correct the issue. Setting 'Height Range' and 'Height Position' in the Substance will affect the size of the object but setting them to '0.00' does not return them to their normal sizes.

I've attached a screenshot. In the viewport i have the sphere just barely touching the surface and the edges of the 3 objects just barely tangent to each other. Also, in the torus, there is just a tiny slive showing in the middle.

In the render you can see that the scales have changed. The sphere is large and penetrates the surface. The box is larger and overlaps the sphere and the torus is smaller, exposing more in the center.

Anyone else having this issue? Maybe I'm overlooking a setting. Any suggestions?

I can confirm the same issues.

In the first one, if you are viewing in 'Interactive' I've found that when it turns white, just dragging the material onto the object again will return things back to normal. It seems to be a GPU refresh issue.

For the second one, I too have the same anomaly. The first few times I get the material in your screenshot. But after deleting it and doing it a few more times it will finally produce properly.

I think they are just bugs and not an issue with our machines.

Interesting. I wonder how I could have been using an older version? I got it from my 'Downloads' section on the site and kept going back to make sure there wasn't an update or beta. Hmmm....  Anyway, I'll test it and report back.

Thank you Wes!

I tried a new one from Substance Source last night. Same issue. I have no glossiness unless I bake out the map, bring it back and connect it, even as both icons in Slate look identical and I can see the black and white image thumbnail.

Here's the one I tried last night:


No problem, you are a busy guy with all the help you give.

Hmmm, I think it came with the collection I bought several years ago at Algorithmic. But, to test things I downloaded a few new ones from Source and they behave the same way. All of them have the glossiness issue.

It's fine if I have to bake out everything and then import and wire them. But, that kind of takes the fun out of it. It would be nice to have things work properly.

I spent several hours trying to diagnose this and can't figure it out.

I drop a 'Substance2' node into Max 2018 and load 'metal_steel_floor_graing.sbsar.' I then choose 'Substance to Vray' from the 'Substance' menu and the 'VRayMtl' is crated with all the assets wired. I assign that to a plane.

I've attached two images. The 'Glossiness' map from 'Substance2' that is wired to 'Refl. gloss' in Max has no effect. I can see the proper grayscale map in the 'Source Map' preview. But when production rendering, it does not work.

I then Bake the outputs and bring in the 'Glossiness' map (BMP) and it looks exactly like the Glossiness Source Map. I wire the baked BMP to 'Refl. gloss' and it works perfectly. You can see that in my 2nd attachment.

I've tried this on multiple textures and they all misbehave the same way. What I'm I missing or doing improperly?

My V-Ray version is 36004.

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