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I hope your licenses will remain at the same price, especially for indies because it allows a lot of people to have access to your software ..... If Adobe makes the same price on Allegorithmic as on their photoshop most of people will not be able to buy it. I do not hide that I am very worried.

Hello,I'v an Substance painter  perpetual indie licence and I'would like to update (my licence stop in a few day) it to paid the 75$ year to have 1 year more.

How can I do that,I'll go to my licence and go to update?

Thanks by advance for your help.

Hello,the new feature "layer instance" is great but I'll would like to know how "uninstance" some part of my objet after instancing. For exemple some effects don't work like I want and I would like to uninstance some part.

Thanks by advance for your help.

And I'll think I'll must say yes? But I'll don't loose my pref and my time to test?

The exact procedure is: download>install>say yes to uninstall>and it's ok?

Sorry for all these questions but it's the first time I'll use SP.

If I'll use the pop up button I'll think it send me to the page download?

Thanks by advance .

But I'll not have to unistall my version?

I'll download the new test version from your site and I'll install it over? Or I'll click on download on the pop up menu at the launch.

It's the way?

Thanks by advance

Hello,this morning when I launch SP a message tell me a new version version is available,how the update work? It's a reinstall or just an update,I'm in a try version,I'loose all my preference if I'll do that?

Thanks by advance

no I'll never see it pop up.

Hello I noticed when I re-import an object via edit modification project, the object does not change (even if I rebake) not I have to recreate a project to see the changes, it's annoying when you set your obj in an app 3d to have the perfect baking.

Is there a solution for the update to go through project modification?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks I'll look in  in home,my folder Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/autosave

There nothing....

For the moment I'll disable it because  I'll really don't know how it put the backup (and the file are big I'll prefer stop it before it full my HD!)

The backup files will be located in three possible locations :
If the current project has been saved the backups will be next to it.
If the project has never been saved (untitled) the backups will be in the autosave folder in the user's Documents folder. (Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/autosave)
If the override setting has been enabled the backups will be located in the path given in the settings.
A snooze button is available in the interface to delay the autosave.

Can you explain what's the snooze work?

Thanks by advance for your advices.

Hello,I would like to know where the backup files are stored?I look in home,my folder allegoritmic.....nothing.
And what's the snooze?

Thanks by advance for your help.

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