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Exactly, I was talking about making Substance free for Unreal Engine users.

Quixel & Epic Games not only gave UE users free access to thousands of ultra realistic textures (Megascans). They also allow UE users free use of Quixel Mixer (which is the equivalent of Substance Alchemist/Designer).

Of course we get a lot of value from Substance. But a lot of people will now probably turn to the competition, given it's completely free of charge (vs Substance's $20/month). Remember I'm talking about Unreal Engine users, which is actually quite a big piece of the cake.

Just wondering if the Substance team considered this, because I can't believe the Quixel-Epic partnership went unnoticed for them. In fact this is a big game-changer and (imo) will impact Substance's sales/user following (at least from Unreal users perspective).

Have a great day.

I was wondering: now that Quixel is completely free for Unreal Engine 4 users, will Substance make their move? Is the Substance team aware of this?

So if I purchased a 1 year subscription, I'm already eligible (even though I don't have the option enabled yet). Is that right?


I purchased a 1 year indie license subscription to the whole Substance suite. Somewhere in the FAQ I read that those people who pay for 10 consecutive months are eligible for a perpetual license paying a bit more money.

I was wondering if this is still true, and how can I purchase my perpetual license? Do I need to wait until my subscription expires in order to switch to perpetual?


Hi there, I'm pretty new to Substance Painter so I'm full of questions.

Just to give some background, I'm into game development for Unreal Engine 4. My workflow is Blender 2.8-->Susbtance Painter-->Unreal Engine 4.

I have two related questions:
  • When importing a model to Painter (File->New), I'm given the option to select the Game Engine from a dropdown. For example, I can select Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, etc. What does this option do behind the scenes? How is Texturing in Painter any different when selecting a different game engine from this list?
  • When exporting texture maps from Painter, I'm again able to select the game engine I'm exporting to (from the config dropdown). Again, what does this option do? How is the exported maps any different depending on the game engine?

I'm a bit confused by these options. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Thank you Marion :)

Content - Substance Source - How to tweak my Source assets?
 on: October 06, 2019, 01:34:56 pm 
I've seen in some videos that Substance Source assets can be tweaked from within Substance Source.

For example, I've downloaded "Cardboard Tom". I can tweak the "Wave Amount", "Ripping", "Fold Amount", "Dirt Amount", etc.

My two questions are:
  • Can I also tweak these parameters from within Painter?
  • If not, can I tweak these parameters and re-download without using another Source point? Or everytime I want to tweak the asset I will need to spend a point?

Apologize in advanced for these noob questions ;)

I just wanted to say hello everyone, I'm new to this Substance world and so far I'm very excited!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to ask if my Source points expire or not? Let's say that for some reason, one month I don't use my 30 points. Will I have 60 points the next month? Could I hypothetically accumulate 120 Source points at the end of the year?

And one last question. Do all Source materials/decals/assets cost 1 point? Or are there assets more expensive than others?

Thank you very much!

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