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As we have to make alterations to resolve your issues, yes, you will have to wait. Hopefully not that long, but it will take some time.

It will take more than a day to test it, reproduce the issue, make alterations, test those and then release it, on top of changing what we are already working on. It will take some time, and it is near the weekend.

There is a lot to unpack in the original post and not all of it is related. Some of the issues, such as the annoying dialog, were fixed in previous versions. Others we will have to investigate, such as the crash with VRay 5.

The script thing should be unnecessary, and shouldn't occur in the newest version of the plugin. We have released many versions since 3ds Max 2021 was originally released.

I have not been able to test with VRay 5 yet, although it worked fine with VRay next. I'll test it and we'll look at making any alterations we need for VRay 5 in a 2.4.1 release. As we're currently working on the next feature release with more direct Arnold support, any changes won't be immediate, but we'll try to address any changes made sooner, before the next large release.

Ah yes, I have seen it, a few years ago now that I think about it. I think there might also be a checkbox somewhere to tell 3ds Max to send the pre/post render scripts with a backburner job, but just removing them should be fine.

You could try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin. If you update Maya to 2020.1, it seems like it will uninstall the existing plugin and reinstall the 2.0.3 plugin. So you might need to reinstall 2.1.5 after updating Maya.

Hello everyone,

Today we have released Substance in 3ds Max 2.4.0, which is a release containing some large improvements and changes with parameter blocks and internal data.

2.4.0 Release:
  • Removed support for 3ds Max 2018. The API functionality in 3ds Max needed for the main parameter block changes were added in 3ds Max 2019, and thus require that to be the minimum version.
  • Added a set of over 20 sbsar files from Substance Source. These materials are available in the install directory, under the sbsars folder.
  • Changed the parameter block descriptors to be transient and not saved with the scene. You can now merge scenes together and save them, and 3ds Max will properly load them, resolving any issues with being unable to load parameter blocks that existed in prior versions of the 3ds Max plugin.

Known Issues:
  • If you load an old scene containing Substance materials that have keyframes on their inputs, and then open the curve editor, 3ds Max will crash. A workaround is to open the scene, save a new copy, restart Max and then load the newly saved scene. The issue only occurs when going from 2.3.4 or before scenes to 2.4.0, not with scenes saved with the new plugin.
  • Unfortunately, with how the parameter block changes work, any previously 'broken' scene cannot be recovered. However, no new broken scenes will be created.

This version is released for 3ds Max 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Galen Helfter

It has nothing to do with a visual C++ installation, but somehow an old binary is there. What is happening is that it is failing to load the sbsar and hitting an assert error there. There should end up being a substance_linker.dll file somewhere that isn't the newest for some reason. This is the second time I've seen this recently, so perhaps something odd is going on when updating 2020.

I'm not certain what causes the error. I'll put a ticket in for it so that we can address it in one of the 2.4 patch releases.

The 2.4.0 plugin is soon to be released and is finalized, so any changes will have to be after that.

2.4.0 will be out soon - with a significant internal rewrite to make this occur. It will not fix any previously broken scenes, but should keep this from ever occurring again, including updating previous plugin versions, and keeping merging scenes from breaking scenes.

There is some final testing to do over the next few days to make sure all changes work as is expected.

I believe he was referring to the Maya plugin, where he started a separate thread for it. A minor change was all that was needed to resolve that.

The 3ds Max plugin embeds the sbsar in the scene file, so it is irrelevant.

Material libraries are a different thing that what he was asking about, which is the assortment of sbsar files included with 3ds Max.

In 2.4.0, the plugin itself will install with a few over 20 materials from Substance Source, which will be a different assortment than is installed with the Maya plugin.

Hi everyone,

Today we have released the 2.1.5 version of the plugin. This is a minor improvement on top of the 2.1.4 plugin.

2.1.5 Release:
  • The sbsar files should now be displayed and can be set in the file path editor
  • File paths should be set by Maya relative when sharing a project
  • Send-to from Substance Launcher will now copy the sbsar file into the project directory

This version is released for Maya 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 on Windows, Linux and Macos. It is also released for Maya LT 2018, 2019 and 2020 on Windows and MacOS.


This should be vastly improved now with the release of 2.1.5.

The filepath should now display in the file path editor, and when loading a scene, it should try to locate the sbsar in the project if you set Maya to the project. This should work between different platforms (MacOS, Linux, Windows).

That means there is some sort of old substance linker binary laying around somewhere, the newest one should return 7.2.9. My guess is the old plugin is still installed. What happens is it will load that one first, even if the old plugin is disabled. The linker won't recognize sbsar files from the newer designer version.

It looks like that may be easily resolved. There should be a 2.1.5 release out this week adding it to the filepath editor. It also seems that Maya will automatically repath to files inside the project if it is moved and they are registered with the file path editor.

That is an odd bit of functionality associated there, but it seems to work fine.

After the 2.4.0 release, we will be working with the Redshift team on having some proper interoperability with Redshift.

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