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Hello guys, first I would like to thank you for your dedication to the community!

I have a question regarding a problem / crash I have when I try to load a sbsar file (downloaded from share.allegorithmic.comlibraries) in the substance2 map,  I automatically receive a crash report and 3ds max 2018 asking me do I want to save before it shuts down and then it shuts down!
It opens some sbsar files, like the ones in the  folders here that come with the plug in: Autodesk/3ds max/Maps/Substance/Noise
And some random sbsar files from the net, but most of them don't open.
Is it because they are made with earlier versions of the programs or something else?
But now that I think of it I tested a new one and it shutdown again, it was this one>

I would be really happy if you know the answer, thank you!

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