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Hello, I noticed a discrepancy between the texture resolutions in Substance Designer vs in UE4. I tried switching the resolution in the graph instance in UE4 and disabling mipmaps in both software but no luck.

Software Info:
 - Unreal Engine 4.26.2
 - Substance Designer 2021.1.2 (11.1.2)

Substance Texture:

UE4 Texture:

Substance Graph:


I was using Substance Painter live link for one my UE4 projects and so whenever I try to bake my high poly onto my mesh, the results are completely transparent, I get no baking information or a log error whenever I try this

I tried baking the mesh into a brand new Substance project without the live link and it worked perfectly, so I know there's nothing wrong with the meshes.

I am using:
Substance Painter v 2020.2.2 (6.2.2)
Unreal Engine v 4.25.1


I created a Substance material and imported it into UE4 and noticed that the Roughness map in Unreal doesn't look the same as in Designer.

So far I've tried:
 - Checking/unchecking the sRGB tick box In Unreal
 - Changing the sampler type in the material editor in Unreal
 - Changing the components of the output in Substance Designer


Substance Designer

Thank you,
Anthony D.

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