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As you have noticed the 3D View resets to default each time you launch Designer (actually each time you create a new 3D View) since SD 2017.1.0.

The previous system restored (or tried to) the 3d view state from the previous session, the default state was already the same as todays. We made this change because of recurrent problems we had  with this system (maybe you remember this bug where you had to delete stuff in the registry).

In the next 2017.2 we will add the possibility to define the default state. So you will setup the 3d view the way you want and click on a button to save this state as default. It will actually save the state to a file and you'll be able to choose the default state file in the preferences.

For now in 2017.1 you can manually save the 3D View state into a resource using the option in the "Scene" menu, it will create a "3D resource" in the package of your choice and store the 3D View state within this resource.

If you wish to only set the default technique to "Tesselation" instead of "Parallax Occlusion" download the attached file and replace the existing one located in
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C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\resources\view3d\shaders
Make sure the default shader in the Project Preferences targets this file.

I simply moved the Tesselation technique block first.

UPDATE: SD 5.3.3 has been officially released

Beta 3 - build 16905

Changelog since 5.3.2:

Bug Fix:
- Crash when creating new Substance
- [Graph] Split points are not pasted at the correct location
- [Bakers] Crash when baked maps are updating the graph
- [Bakers] OBJ coming from zbrush should use filename for Match By name
- [Parameters] Crash when doing Undo/Redo/Undo in function graph

- [Content] Add "White Noise Fast" (based on pixel processor)
- [Content] Add "Offset global horizontal/vertical" on Tile Samplers

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