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Substance Integrations - UE4 - Fatal error on UE4 Startup
 on: November 08, 2020, 12:56:06 am 
Since the latest Plugin Update I get the following Error when ever I try to open my UnrealEngine 4.25 Project:
"Fatal error: [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/LinkerLoad.cpp] [Line: 3899] SubstanceTexture2D /Game/Textures/Substance/1/UE4_Plugin_INST2_basecolor.UE4_Plugin_INST2_basecolor: Serial size mismatch: Got 208, Expected 204

UE4Editor_SubstanceCore!USubstanceGraphInstance::GraphRequiresUpdate() [D:\Build\++Portal+Promotion\Sync\LocalBuilds\PluginTemp\HostProject\Plugins\Substance\Source\SubstanceCore\Private\SubstanceGraphInstance.cpp:226]
UE4Editor_SubstanceCore!Substance::Helpers::SubstancesRequireUpdate() [D:\Build\++Portal+Promotion\Sync\LocalBuilds\PluginTemp\HostProject\Plugins\Substance\Source\SubstanceCore\Private\SubstanceCoreHelpers.cpp:3398]
UE4Editor_SubstanceEditor!FSubstanceEditorModule::RebuildAlert() [D:\Build\++Portal+Promotion\Sync\LocalBuilds\PluginTemp\HostProject\Plugins\Substance\Source\SubstanceEditor\Private\SubstanceEditorModule.cpp:122]
UE4Editor_SubstanceEditor!TBaseStaticDelegateInstance<void __cdecl(FString const &,bool)>::ExecuteIfSafe() [D:\RocketSync\4.25.0-13144385+++UE4+Release-4.25\Working\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Delegates\DelegateInstancesImpl.h:859]

I fixed it on my end by going to the folder of each substance factory inside UE4 and manually unchecked and checked each map channel in the substance instances. I noticed that every map was generated 3 times for some reason so I deleted the
 dublicates manually before checking the map channel again. After doing this to every Substance File, the plugin still wanted to rebuild the graphs when I opened any level, but it did not run out of memory anymore.

I don´t know why there were 3 copies of each map, it was not this way before the upgrade as far as I can tell and it was not the number of rebuild attempts I started.

Overall I would say that I have 20-30 Substance Files in my project, most of which are full materials with ~6 outputs.
It is also a long-time project that started on UE 4.15 or before. I only got 4Gb Vram, so if the memory is not freed up after one graph is rebuild that might easily fill the memory, especially if each map is generated 3 times.

One more thing: the first of the three maps (by name suffix) was always corrupted and just showed (x,x,x,0) Values.

+1, I can´t open most of my levels as it always crashes during the rebuilding of the Graphs. Only happens after the latest plugin update.

Eggfruit is right, if you connect a 4096 map to the dotted connection you set the parent size for the next node to that resolution. This has nothing to do with tesselation or displacement. Check your bitmap input node, it is most likely set to absolute 4096, when it needs to be relative x1 or you need to set your custom node to something other then relative to input.

Thank you for your detailed answer! I took the opportunity to start learning some python and wrote a small script that mostly automates the process of adding full paths to individual SymLinked assets to the SD Watchlist.

If anyone else finds this thread while having a similar issue, I uploaded the script to Substance Share here:

I´ve recently setup a new library of sbsar files, using Symbolic Links to be able to have all graphs in one location on an external harddrive instead of having multiple copies of the same graph for the Painter Shelf and for Designers Library.

This works great with SP but I now noticed that SD does not seem to recognize any files that are placed in its Library folder via SymLinks. If I change the library-folder url to the real location of the file, it is found by SD and everything works again.

Doing this for every file I want to add to my SD Library would be an insane amount of work and since some files are in the same folder as files that I don´t want to add to SD, this would also require splitting up those folders and breaking many of the symlinks that already work with painter.

Is this expected and/or intended design or a bug that might be fixed in one of the next updates?

My primary concerns are these two, I´d appreciate any clarification on them that you can give us right now:

1. Will the UE4/Unity Plugins be maintained and free(no CC required) in the next 1-2 years?

2. Since the perpetual licenses will stay valid, I wonder what would happen if the activation servers went down or were merged with the CC activation System some time in the future. Can you guaranty an offline activation via downloaded license files in that case?

Substance Share still doesn't work. This says something already.

what do you mean? works fine here
Try to log in. Remember that you can't download anything without logging in.

Works for me.

Quite a few people can´t log in anymore. Good thing I backed up everything I need yesterday after reading the announcement.,27520.0.html

Content - Substance Source - Negative Download Points
 on: January 13, 2019, 04:36:08 am 
I noticed, that even though I didn´t have any Substance Source related subscription in quite a while, my download credits changed. Into the negative, that is.
I got -30 Points now (was not the case in early december) and can not download any of the free files.
Could you please reset my counter to 0?

Hi, I currently own perpetual licenses for SD and SP with expirered maintenance and am thinking about upgrading my licenses. I just got a few questions about the total cost:

If I were to buy license upgrades directly I would get 1 year maintenance for just
     50$ (SP)
  + 50$ (SD)

and after the new maintenance expires in 1 year, my perpetual licenses would remain on the latest version of that date and NOT revert back to the version that was up-to-date when I initially extended the maintenance, correct?

If I were to use the Subscrition method and turn it into perpetual licenses after the 1 year, that would cost me

     159$ (1 year updates + 360 Source DLs)
     75$ (SD perpetual)    <--Could the upgrade cost in 1 year be 50$ again AND be used on a live Sub that was bought
    +75$ (SP perpetual)         with this years discount?
     309$ or 259$

Does turning the subscription into perpetual licenses after 1 year include another year of maintenance, making it equivalent to buying 4 maintenance extensions + Source DLs which would otherwise cost

       50$ (SP)
       50$ (SP year 2)      <-- again, can the discount be used 2 years in a row?
       50$ (SD)
    + 50$ (SD year 2)
      200$ or 250$ (without 2. discount)

In short, please answer these questions:

1. Do perpetual licenses with extended maintenance retain the latest maintenance covered version after the extension expires or do they revert to pre-maintenance versions?

2. Does turning subscription licenses to perpetual licenses after 1 year include another year of maintenance or is it just the addition of the Substance Source Downloads that increases the price by 209$?

3. Are the calculations above correct or am I overlooking some additional cost?/Can the discount for upgrading licenses be used 2 years in a row?

Thanks for the answers, I´ve read the substance faq and the announcement emails before posting, but I was confused when I noticed that the "upgrade" button on the indie-license store page only leads to Substance subscriptions instead of the 75$ upgrade. Where can I find the 75$ upgrade if not in the upgrade section of the store? Or does that offer not yet exist since current owners of the license get updates until september anyway?

So "Upgrading" isn´t as much an upgrade as another 12 Month of paying 180$ + 49$ total and if one payment fails for what ever reason the subscription stops beeing continuous and the "12 consecutive Month"-Payment requirement, to turn the latest maintenance into a permanet license, means that all the money is essentially wasted. Upgrading for license owners is almost as expensive as buing the software from scratch and has the risk of loosing all the payment progress!

Why did you remove the simple (and if I recall correctly, cheaper) one-click upgrade purchase for the next version. You could have just changed buying the next major version to buying maintenance for 1 year or something similar. And why is there no seperate purchase options for Source Credits?

Correct me if anything stated above is incorrect, but this looks far less customer friendly then your old system.

Does that mean that if I unsubscribe after only 6 Months, I will lose access to the latest version at that time and be back to the version that my perpetual indie license had when it´s maintenance ended?

I haven´t decided on a face yet. Maybe something like a tribal mask?

Some very early WIP Screenshots of my entry. I´m going for a "spirit of the forest"-kind of design.

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