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Hey alex_47,

Was just making sure I had the same versions in order to reproduce your issue. Using 16.0.557, I was able to reproduce the crash and will enter it into our bug tracker. Thank you for taking the time to report this!

As far as the rendering is concerned, can you post a picture of the errors you are getting?

Hey lardbros,

This was a known issue in the 4.14 version of the Substance plugin. Dropdown menus in substance instances were off by one, and choosing the last one in the list could result in a crash. However, this was fixed in the 4.15 plugin release. The workaround would be what you suggested: adding an extra item list at count 0 in Designer.

In regards to the lots of clicking for dropdown nodes, I have noticed that myself and I agree that it is annoying. I will bring it up to the devs and put a bug report in for it.

Hey Kévin,

Unfortunately, we don't have releases for the preview versions of Unreal Engine. However, when 4.16 is officially released we will have a plugin out for it as soon as we can.

Hey alex_47,

What version of Houdini, Substance Designer, and plugin are you using specifically?


The issue with reimporting the graph instance after setting an image input to it was added to our bug tracker a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, I can't say I know when there will be a fix out for it.  :-\


Sorry you're having this issue. Coincidentally, I also discovered this while working with Substance Image Inputs yesterday.  I have made a bug report in our bug tracker, but I can't give a definite time on when this will be fixed.

A workaround would be to just delete the image input, re-import the new one then reapply it to the graph instance.

Hey Cepp,

What version of Unreal and what version of the plug-in are you using? Also what does the message log say?

Hey simon_ackermann,

Sorry you're having this problem. If I'm understanding correctly, Maya 2017 crashes as soon as you enable the plug-in through the plug-in manager? Can you try resetting Maya to the default settings by going to Windows -> Workspaces -> Reset Maya Classic back to Factory default then try enabling the plug-in?

Can you also send me the installer and your substance plugin folder (in a .zip file), so we can try to replicate the crash? My email is

Love the stylized look! great job  ;)

Hey goldfire47,

Hmm. Can you try going to the Maya plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2017\plug-ins) and delete the substance folder, then do a clean install using this plugin installer?

Also, are you using any other plugins?

Hey Käy Vriend,

No, unfortunately at this time we don't have any plans to have SD6 specific node support for older engine versions (pre-4.15). However, substances made in SD6 still can be used in older engine versions by using the SD5 compatibility mode.

Hey r66rainer,

Can you try to disable the Model_Bashing kit (but leave Substance enabled) and see if it still crashes? Also does any crash occur when the Substance plugin is disabled (with Model_Bashing enabled)?

Hey goldfire47,

Thanks for sending me your plug-in. Initially when loading it up in my Maya 2017, it did not work. However, there is a weird known issue with the plug-in manager and our plug-in where the plug-in sometimes won't load correctly and will throw errors. Can you try opening the plug-in manager and toggling on/off the Loaded and Auto-Load for the substance plug-in then restart Maya? I also toggled on/off the rest of the plug-ins, just in case there was a conflict of some sort. After I did this, it started working on my end as intended.

Hello Elia Youssef O,

Sorry you are having this problem. Can you upload your Substance and link it, or send it to me at so we can take a closer look into why it is failing?

Sent you a pm.  :)

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