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I've had similar issues with Modo and the internal renderer as well as in Maya with Redshift. I started to do some Substance Designer training during Lockdown to get up to speed but if the DCC plugins don't work then what's the point? This is very disappointing.

It seems clear that Permanent licenses will vanish after reading through all the conditional assurances from Allegorithic staff. It's certain to happen if Substance gets rolled into CC, otherwise it would literally be the only Adobe CC application you could buy which seems unlikely.

I'm really sad about this. I wish the existing team all the best of luck and I appreciate it must be hard to read through the torrents of negativity in this thread but I think the degree to which many artists really don't like Adobe at all has been misjudged. The moment I can't keep an up to date permanent Substance license is the moment I stop supporting development.

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