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Ping...  :)
Trying to get this Substance tutorial to work, but we can't find these nodes to complete the tutorial.
Can anyone at Substance point us in the right direction?

Missing Nodes:
'GetChannel' (Step 12)
'Switch on ESubChannelType' (Step 11)

Using UE 4.25.3 & plugin for Substance;  Trying to get dynamic Material updates in a packaged UE4 build to work.

Works in editor, but when we package the build it crashes on the start of the application.
Trying to debug the situation so we are looking at the tutorial:

But we are can't find these BluePrint nodes:
'GetChannel' (Step 12)
'Switch on ESubChannelType' (Step 11)

We are also having trouble getting the textures from a dynamically generated graph instance in a packaged build.
We perform a 'Sync Render' node after creating it but the subsequent 'GetSubstanceTextures' node always returns 0 textures.

Have these nodes been deprecated or renamed?
Is it currently possible to get a dynamic texture update (for example, changing the generator seed) in a fully packaged build in UE 4.25.3?

(We can get it to work launched from the editor, but when we package the build it fails - we are guessing this is because the dynamic texture itself is packaged.)

Any help appreciated.

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