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Sorry about the confusion as I meant 2018.2.1, not 1.2.

I might have fixed my issue, but only time will tell. 

1. Instead of just reinstalling again, I took the time to scan regedit for folders with "allegorithmic" in it.  Oddly there were none.

2. I did a registry scan with CCleaner and it found some (CCleaner is the hero once again!).  I deleted anything that Allegorithmic related. 

3. I then rebooted, reinstalled Substance Painter (deleting the old Allegorithmic folder in C:\Program Files first), and rebooted again. 

Clearing out the old folder and all the registry entries seems to have at least sped up the speed of Painter.  The sluggishness is gone, we'll see if the crashing continues though.  More on this story as it develops.  :P

2018.1.2 as well.  Awaiting them to sell to someone else who can actually make this program A. run without going unresponsive and B. stop the crashing when trying to SAVE!

I just updated my post.  Its 2018.2.1.  I'll send a log file later today, whenever the next crash happens.  Thanks Jeremie.

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We identified and fixed the issue, we will soon release a new update that fixes it and other more minor issues that have been reported with 2018.1.2

Where is this fix you speak of?  I'm getting really frustrated at doing work and having it thrown away because the app. crashes when I try to save.  This is happening in 2018.1.2!  If this problem keeps popping up, I don't see any reason why anyone would continue to use your product.  This is a production killer!

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