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I have found same issue with Polyester 3d knit sandwich. Not all materials show the problem. Men suit wool twill for instance looks same in both.

Ah OK, I just changed the engine to Open GL from SSE2 and now it looks fine. If I do this with other SBARs it makes no difference, both engines look good.

Player version is build 3687.

I did not make any tweaks. Just opened the file. Also saw the same using the Substance plugin in Modo. Maybe I should try downloading it again. I've never seen the issue before.

I just downloaded this recently and in both Player and Modo on MacOS the material darkens to the center and looks quite strange.

I'm finding that if I set UV wrap or texture mapping options on the dynamically generated textures from the plugin in Modo that often they get reset to default. So I am constantly having to recall the specific settings I had in place. I don't know exactly the circumstances as sometimes I can simply click on the sbar and they reset and other times I can change resolution or tweak internal settings and the remain as I have set them.

Image switching is a Modo 14 bug. Fixed in current beta.

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